Trouble (returns to) Shaw’s Tavern?

520 Florida Ave, NW

Got a few emails like this one:

“Have you heard any information on Shaw’s Tavern from this past weekend? I understand there was a party on the second floor and ABRA investigators showed up revealing that the property had never been given a Certificate of Occupancy for the second floor. And that the bar built up there was illegally completed without any permits, a friend of mine said they were ordered to shut down the place?”

Ed. Note: Shaw’s Tavern originally had some troubles when they were first trying to open in 2011.

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  • So, ABRA has the time to bust Shaw Tavern for a certificate of occupancy issue, yet they refuse to address the noise violations that run rampant throughout the city, even though they are routinely called out by residents who are impacted by the noise? ABRA is completely useless.

    • Nah, it just means that Shaw’s hasn’t been greasing palms at ABRA. Big difference.

    • ABRA was very responsive to my noise complaint. They spoke with the business owner causing the problem and the problem lessened greatly. I was given the direct line to the general manager to contact them directly with future disturbances.

  • Didn’t these jokers learn when they got busted for forging their initial paperwork. My guess is they pissed off someone nearby during the initial buildout and that person’s letting dcra/abra know when they attempt to pull some stunt.

  • This seems shady to me. Although I was seated on the second floor in Shaw’s Tavern once and it’s downright bizarre. Completely different feel from downstairs, like you’re in someone’s apartment (but not in a good way.) And there’s a shower in the bathroom.

  • This seems like DC goverment shadiness to me… This has been around for years, it got a C of O, liquor license, etc and just now they “discovered” this?

    I agree with the likely lack of bribe.

    • I wonder if it is more of laziness – just never bothered to get around to it – and/or inattention. Which still doesn’t say much.

      Of course corruption/laziness on the part of the DC doesn’t automatically absolve the business owners if they were in the wrong. It is not uncommon for people/business to push the envelope on what they can do based on their reading of the law or just do what they want regardless of what they know to be wrong until they get caught. Just because the city came down on something doesn’t make the business owner in the right and the government in the wrong.

  • leftcoastsouthpaw

    I would say this is shadiness on the part of Shaw Tavern. Their C of O didn’t cover them operating the upstairs. Or if did, it was probably for special/private events, not for every day operation. The tavern tried to push it and were caught.

  • Why is everyone calling out ABRA and DC Gov when in fact it was Shaw’s Tavern who didn’t handle their business. Am I missing something?

  • Or.. it might be because it is something that appears to have happened in this neighborhood with other establishments who are clearly breaking laws. One of the bars somehow secured a 24 hour license of operation, which has led to blatant drug dealing between patrons outside our homes and their complete lack of accountability to the neighborhood, coupled with ABRA’s unwillingness to enforce the noise level laws and consistent unwillingness to even come out and check out the complaints, make it seem as though there might be something else going on here. (Also, if ABRA has time to do that, then it seems to me that they should, realistically, follow through on each complaint they get and take it seriously.) But maybe that’s my frustration with ABRA coming through. Still, I find it hard to believe that one would take precedence, while the other has been consistently ignored for going on 18 months.

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