Streetcar Hits Car Parked at least a Foot from the Curb


@lizzysabs tweets us the photo above:

“DC #streetcar hit a car parked relatively far from the curb on snowy H St.”

Maureen_McCarty tweets us the photo below:

“Car parked at least a foot from curb results in streetcar disaster on H”


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  • I’m not a big fan of the streetcar (it’s inefficient, too slow etc) but that looks like some pretty lame parking. If I were the street car driver I would have enjoyed driving right on by…

  • Disaster??? Not. even. close.

    • Yep. A careless driver parks his or her car in an I-don’t-give-a-crap-way and a a streetcar driver makes said careless driver pay. Considering the contributory negligence law in the district right now, I’d consider that justice. The careless driver’s insurance may or may not pay, depending on the policy, and the taxpayers won’t. End of story. Doesn’t really seem like a disaster to me.

      • When one is stuck on a streetcar immobilized for any reason, no one cares about “contributory negligence law in the district right now.” Fortunately, this ridiculous failure is only a mile or so long, so you can walk the length of it is 15-20 minutes or pay – what? – five bucks for a taxi?

        • In case you need a reading comprehension primer, the word “disaster” referred to this particular incident. So what exactly do you see disastrous about this incident? Also, your post proves the point that being stuck on the streetcar isn’t exactly a disaster.

        • It’s actually a 35 minute walk from end to end according to Google Earth. I say this as someone who walks from H Street to Kingman Park routinely. I also have found that the X2 is not reliable for this distance due to its inconsistent arrivals. You end up waiting thirty minutes for a thirty minute walk. How is that efficient? This is not a substitute for the X2. It is intended to connect adjacent communities. Why is this so hard to understand?

      • Yep. Calling it a disaster is laughable.

        Incidents like this just quicken up the pace to removing street parking on H. Which will be a huge net positive for the neighborhood and a step towards making it a deadline.

        There’s a post later below about a huge water main bust. Yet no one is talking about getting rid of our water system. Some ridiculous comments on here today

      • The car was parked, not moving. They would be cited for that. However, the streetcar was moving and had every opportunity to avoid this collision. The courts would find the streetcar at-fault for this accident, not the owner of the parked car.

        For example, a car breaks down in the middle of the street and is stuck there for 10 minutes. Then you come along and collide with it — your insurance company would pay for the broken down vehicles damages.

        • Not in DC the courts wouldn’t. DC (for now, anyway) is one of the few remaining jurisdictions in the US that still follows the contributory negligence standard. If a party has any fault in the accident, he or she can’t recover. It doesn’t matter who’s more at fault, just that the plaintiff has any fault at all. In this case, parking that far away from the curb on a block would be enough to establish at least 1% fault.

  • Conspiracy theory: Entirely orchestrated by Bowser to justify _officially_ shutting down the project

  • So this happened and surely will again ( and again). The important question is how long was the streetcar system shut down because of it?

  • Eye roll… Yes, the driver could have parked closer but WTF is the streetcar driver doing hitting a stationary car? They driver that thing at a snails pace and I find it disturbing the driver either wasn’t paying attention or misjudged the available distance and ended up damaging (again) the streetcar. Just shit the thing down. It’s been uselessly running up and down the street empty of passengers for 3 months and been in half a dozen accidents already, and has worsened traffic on H street in the process

    • I wonder if there wouldn’t be FEWER accidents if the streetcar was actually operating — making more trips more frequently, people getting on and off, obviously holding passengers. If it was part of the streetscape in a more real way than it is now, cars and bikes and peds might start considering it more in their movements (or parking) than they do for these flying Dutchmen that go by infrequently.

  • I drive an svu and have been parking right along the curb throught the snow piling up in the gutter. But this highlights a legitimate problem… There are cars all across the city way off the curb because they can’t park on top of piles of snow like I can.

    What happens with the street car when we get 2 feet of snow? Currently the city only pretends to plow curb to curb during snow emergencies. Just make parking illegal until the snow melts? That’s not really a solution and will harm the businesses.

    The streetcar was such a waste. Dedicated lanes or none at all.

    • Simply make H st a snow emergency lane and parking is illegal on the street during a snow emergency.

      • west_egg

        What happens when the snow emergency ends but the parking lanes still aren’t clear?

        • As a driver, I would not park on a street with a streetcar running on it if there was a pile a of snow preventing me from parking close to the curb – common sense, problem solved!

  • so was this before or after tonight’s street car fire?

  • And what magnificent and illustrious republic do you hail from sir? Man up and have the courage to disclose before you come on here and belittle us. Is it one of the places where drug gangs and howler monkeys roam free, or some socialist paradise where you love the smell of your own farts? Or worse you’re just a self hating American in which case go kill yourself.

    • Well you sound like a narrow-minded and ignorant person

      • Sorry. Technical glitch:
        Well you sound like a narrow-minded and ignorant person with an angry chip on your shoulder. Is there any doubt that the streetcar project has been horrendously executed? I think it is fair above for someone to chip in with observations of experience from other places – in the country or overseas. If the DC Government had thought to do more of that, we would not have the mess on our hands that we have now…

    • Bill, who are you talking about? Just a little ignorant rant to start your day? Maybe you should travel a bit, go outside, talk to people and stop vomiting out hateful nonsense from behind a computer screen like a coward. If you want to get a beer and reintegrate into society please let me know. I will gladly help!

    • Well, lets see Bill. The Republics of Philadelphia, Boston, Portland, Seattle, Atlanta, San Francisco, Toronto and New Orleans have street cars. Many republics across the Atlantic have successful streetcars and their public transportation systems are objectively better than anything in the US -which is about 40 years behind.

      Consider that it take less time to get from Paris to Lyon than DC to NYC and almost an hour to get to Baltimore from here. And going south Amtrak has to change to diesel locomotives. That is ancient.

  • There is a reason why cars are not allowed to parking along street cars/tram routs in Europe. A little shoe leather and a bit of research on the City part would have helped to eliminate this type of accident.

    • Agreed sir. DDOT should have eliminated all Parking along the line and made the current parking lane a dedicated transit lane. You can only fit 10 or so cars per block per side anyway which could easily disperse along the line; or pay to park at Union Station after hours.

  • Gee I hope this doesn’t delay the inaugural opening.

  • Most modern cities embrace streetcars and modes of public transportation but here we seems to vilify them while our metro system has problems, the stations are outdated and our roads are falling apart (the intersection of 9th & U NW does not qualify as pavement anymore).

    Street cars work very well elsewhere; it seems that DC residents are the problem.

  • In the interest of fairness… let’s note that the car does NOT have Maryland plates.

  • If the person who parked this car could not park his/her car close enough to the curb so as not to block the streetcar lane, then that person should not have parked their car there. Pretty simple, actually.

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