Signage Up at Zombie Coffee and Donuts now hiring in Columbia Heights

14th and Irving St, NW part of DCUSA

A couple weeks ago we noted Zombie Coffee looked close to opening in the former Tasti D Lite space next to Panda Express. The new signage reveals another potentially awesome detail – donuts!! If these things are legit this could be huge. Stay tuned for an opening date.

Now they’re hiring too. It’s interesting to note, based on the email address, that there seems to be an affiliation with FroZenYo which we wondered about when we first learned of this project back in December:


With recent closings is the company transitioning a bit from Fro Yo to donuts? We’ll see. In the meantime here’s a peek in the window of the new Columbia Heights spot:


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  • You order an espresso and the barista stares at you blankly and moans. Sounds just like a lot of other coffee shops in the area.

  • west_egg

    They list friendly faces and great personalities as prerequisites; yet no mention of…
    ( •_•)>⌐■-■

  • brookland_rez

    A huge improvement over the nasty Tasti-delite. Donuts are no health food, but if I’m going to indulge in something, I’d rather it be that than nasty chemical ice cream.

  • hammers

    I think they will need good coffee and good donuts to earn patrons from the Tynan, Panera, and Starbucks all within a stone’s throw, and Coffy and Le Caprice and hell even DD and 7-11 a few blocks north and south, respectively. They are already at a disadvantage because they lack seating.

    • hammers

      I have a mental block against Sticky Fingers since it’s not to my liking, but you could throw that in too. There are several places to get coffee around there…albeit none of them really great.

    • If they have good service, they’ll win my loyalty. Most times I go to Coffy or Tynan, the staff is impatient, grumpy, or clueless. And the waits are long and at Tynan the orders are wrong. I like the food and drink at both places (Tynan’s breakfast BLT is SO GOOD), but the service is just too frustrating.

      • hammers

        I don’t have high hopes for good service here, but that’s a good point., I didn’t consider it because the product is more important to me (at a coffee shop that is). I probably won’t come here since I am only on that corner to run errands and I don’t carry coffee for that, if I want to sit and read, I usually choose Coffy

    • If they have some sort of rewards program they could easily compete with Tynan. I am amazed that Tynan doesn’t have one yet.

    • Yeah, I’m not leaving Flying Fish for some upstart coffee shop. Glad to see the space is not empty though!

  • samanda_bynes

    ehh, that’s cool. sometimes you just want to run in and out – Starbucks/Tynan always have a line – so this could be cool.

  • Any chance this place will have bagels!?

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