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  • Sounded like at least ten shots

  • That block is sketchy, the apartments there need to have something done. I woukdnt let my dog walk around there at night.

    • From what I understand it is a housing cooperative where residents own their unit but when they sell can’t personally profit from the appreciation? I don’t quite understand how that all works, so if someone in the know could clarify, that’d be great. I know it’d be controversial, but I’d love that block to be razed and great retail to come in. Wishful thinking

      • I’m not sure that this is true. I remember some time ago trying to research the length of the subsidized contract with the government, and ran across several instances of this development being forced to repay the Feds for grossly under-charging some of the residents who paid laughably small rents for their declared income levels. This led me to believe that it may not be a coop in the sense described above where the residents own their own units, but a form of subsidized housing where the government provided amazing terms on a mortgage loan to the developer who now leases the units (or something along those lines).
        Much of this is speculation however, so maybe someone with more concrete info can pipe in.

  • So THAT explains the sirens as I walked to Giant….ugh

  • Would be it overly presumptive to assume that this shooting was somehow connected to the outdoor craps game played by the parking lot entrance by 1st literal minutes before the gunfire? I went by there just before it happened, but the game seemed to be quiet/civil at the time. If this is indeed connected, then I’d wager that someone there knows the shooter.

  • This is horrendous. 7 pm on a Sunday night, really? Any good neighbor walking by could have caught a stray.

    I walked up to the police tape at about 8:30 last night. There were a ton of police cars and tape blocking the street and housing complex. Two cars were sitting in the middle of Q near the entrance to the housing parking lot (appeared to be involved in the incident). Detectives were marking evidence on the sidewalk and street nearby (There must have been plenty to mark because she was already up to marker #20 and didn’t show any sign of slowing down). Police had the entire housing complex closed and were working through the parking lot and buildings with flashlights looking for something and/or someone.

    I immediately noticed that there was barely anyone out and about around the crime scene. Besides me, there were only 3 others out watching the scene (they were residents of the housing developemnt who were not able to get to their home). If we want to see change, neighbors need to get out and show concern, show strenght and ask questions when these unfortunate events happen. Holing up inside and peeping out of your windows does not send a message that the community is ready for change.

    The community, and the police, need to stand up to the ongoing violence centered around this development. It seems the corner of 1st and Q NW is certainly worthy of a permanent police presence to deter the regular crew of shady characters from hanging around, and next time something happens go out and ask questions of the police, tell them what you heard and talk to your neighbors!

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