PoPville PSA – Can’t register online with the DMV using Safari

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“Dear PoPville,

Here is a PSA. Last year I spent a very frustrating time renewing my registration with DMV. The system kept on returning an error message. I found a nice person in the Director’s office, who processed it for me manually. If figured there was some problem they would fix. This year, same result. I have a Mac and use Safari (I would think lots of others do too). I now realize that I could only process my renewal using Chrome (rather than Safari.) So, since the DMV seems not interested in fixing the site, they should at least warn users not to use Safari. Don’t want people to waste their time.”

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  • I don’t doubt your experience, but I renewed my registration using Safari just last week. Maybe you have some plug-in installed that doesn’t play nice with the DMV’s website?

    • Same here. I just renew with no problem using Safari.

      There are worse things though. My coworker was submitting a lobbying report to a state website and they only accepted Internet Explorer.

  • Not to defend sub-standard web design/testing, but if I had to open Chrome or Firefox to use a certain site I only need once a year or even once every two years, my annoyance would be fleeting, to say the least.

  • This is not uncommon. There are several browser specific issues that web applications run into on a daily basis. The problem is that those browsers constantly release new versions that come into conflict with the pre-existing code.

    Chrome is notorious for this as their updates sometime break web forms and IE is always having HTML compatibility issues.

    Just curious, how much time did you actually spend on Safari trying to complete the web form?

  • I don’t know how it is on a Mac, but on a PC, Chrome pretty much blows away all other browsers. I’d give it a try.

    • I use it as my primary browser on my Mac, and it works extremely well for me. However, there are legitimate concerns that Chrome has become quite the memory and battery hog, plus I have to admit Safari is just a bit faster. The greatest value of Chrome for me, though, is switching pretty seamlessly between my personal Mac and my work Windows machine.

    • I find Safari to be better on the Mac, but I hear you otherwise. I occasionally use Windows 7 via Parallels on my Mac and Chrome is my go-to browser for that side of things. I also have Chrome installed as a secondary browser on the Mac side for times when Safari can’t render a site properly or errors like the one OP describes come up. I used to use Firefox for that, but Chrome is so much faster.

    • Windows Chrome user for a couple years now. Never had issues at all. Used to use Firefox, but increasingly never.

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