Metro Commute May Be Rough This Morning – Two Disabled Trains Reported

Photo by PoPville flickr user Julian Ortiz

From @MetroRailinfo:

Red Line: Expect residual delays in both directions due to an earlier train malfunction at Rhode Island Avenue.”

“Disabled train at Woodley Park needs recovery w/ help from another train. Offloaded helper at Dupont Circle, moving to recover. 8:07a #wmata”

“Disabled train on the move, out of service from Woodley Park. Expect delays in the Shady Grove direction. 8:18a #wmata”

Green Line: Trains are single tracking btwn PG Plaza & Fort Totten due to a disabled train outside West Hyattsville.”

“Disabled train on the move from outside West Hyattsville. Will arrive PG Plaza and offload. 8:22a #wmata”

“Green Line: No longer single tracking. Residual delays in both directions due to an earlier train malfunction outside West Hyattsville.”

“Red Line: Expect residual delays to Shady Grove due to an earlier train malfunction at Woodley Park.”

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  • The red line has been the pits the last two nights–switch problems around Silver Spring. I’m sure the cold doesn’t help.

    Early rave: glad to be working from home today. See you next Tuesday, Metro (I’m working from home Monday, too!).

    • Attempted to get on a Shady Grove bound train at Gallery yesterday evening. Insanity. Platform dangerously overcrowded, first train to finally come was a sardine can already. Plan B was well worth it, even with a longer walk in the cold. Not looking forward to tonight, depending on Twitter reports, may just splurge on an Uber black and call it a weekend!

      • I missed my bus (that only comes once every 40 minutes during post-rush-hour times) from Takoma due to the red line delays earlier this week. Thank goodness for Uber!

      • So I left my job off of the blue line a few minutes early to make a reservation. Switched to red at Metro center and was stranded there for 40 minutes. I finally got home 1.5 hours after leaving work (I live in NoMa).

        The day before, I had been pushed really hard onto the train by a giant crowd behind me, got yelled at people on the train because I pushed into them (even though it wasn’t me) and then traveled like a sardine all the way to Union Station and could barely breathe.

        This time, after 15 mins of waiting, 2 sardine-filled cars rolled by me without being able to get on. The platform was beyond packed and I was scared to stand right up front again incase someone pushed me onto the tracks. The platform just got more and more crowded, so I finally gave up and called an Uber. Then my Uber got stuck in traffic and it took me another 30 minutes to get to NoMa >.< The driver said the traffic was worse than normal, maybe everyone was taking Ubers/cabs.


        • Also no one was letting anyone off the trains coming in, they were just stampeding on as soon as the doors opened. No need to be so RUDE.

  • I take the green and red lines and somehow I missed all of this. Very glad I left so early this morning!

  • The red line really sucked this week. Today was the third day in the row with rush hour delays. Yesterday evening I bailed at Fort Totten and took a cab the rest of the way home. This morning I stood in the freezing cold for 20 minutes waiting for a train. Good times.

  • “Metro Commute May Be Rough This Morning – Two Disabled Trains Reported” — no, no. Metro Commute WAS Rough This Morning…and Last Night…


  • I’ve been stuck on multiple “disabled trains” on the red line which were stuck on the tracks for 10+ minutes before offloading at the next station. Never really had any serious problems on any of the other lines. Not sure why the red line sucks so much but it’s the worse line in the system by far.

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