Lights Out at L’enfant Plaza Metro


@kimberlymconrad tweets us the photo above around 8:45am:

“Lights out at L’Enfant Plaza”

Around 8am @iamkatesmash tweeted us:

“@PoPville power outage at l’enfant plaza station, turnstiles and escalators not working”

@edwinb_dc telling it like it is at 9:15am:

“Well L’Enfant is fucked. 9th street exit is closed. Power outage. #dcmetro @PoPville”


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  • It was pretty eerie. I saw a DC Fire EMS tweet about a gas leak at 900 L’Enfant Promenade, so maybe this wasn’t just Metro being Metro. Depending on whether or not the gas leak was their fault…

  • Pablo Raw

    The great American philosopher once said:

    “With the lights out, it’s less dangerous
    Here we are now, entertain us”…

  • Yeah, saw this on the Unsuck DC Metro twitter page. I also saw all the delays, train off-loading, and general failures that have taken place in just the past two days. Said it before, and I’ll say it again: get rid of EVERYONE at Metro, and bring in the Japanese or some other efficient and organized group that does this stuff far better than our current crew does. The Post just had a story about how Metro squandered millions on non-working radios, and never informed DCFD that their radios weren’t working. When DCFD found out a few months ago and confronted Metro, the Metro said it was waiting to install totally new radios next year!! Get rid of these people- the whole system, from top management to awful employees at the bottom, needs to be scrubbed. Throwing more money at this hideous beast ain’t working!

  • Red Line was seriously jacked, too – I got to Gallery Place at 8:38 to find a train at the Shady Grove platform holding with its doors open and people coming up from the Green/Yellow trying to inch their way down the platform toward the 9th St exit. Hopped on a Green to change at L’Enfant, where the Blue/Orange/Silver platform was packed. I’m subscribed to alerts for Red, Blue, and Orange lines and have gotten ten messages so far this morning about the track issues at EFC, but not a word about any other issues. Metro wasn’t making any announcements at Galkery Place while I was there, either.
    Things break, especially in record cold temps, but I cannot comprehend why Metro consistently does such a piss-poor job of communicating with customers.

    • I got to NoMa Galludet this morning at 6am and the screen showed a 20 minute wait for the next train. There were no delays listed on wmata’s website for redline and when we got on the train we kept stopping between stations, holding in stations, etc. Absolutely no communication was made regarding what was wrong.

    • west_egg

      Yeah, Gallery Place was particularly bad this morning. I was there at 8 and encountered the same situation–packed platform & trains, no announcements on the PIDS or over the loudspeaker.
      Every time I’m in that predicament I think back to the time I walked into Metro Center and saw people wall-to-wall on the Red line platform. I asked the station manager what the issue was and she almost seemed offended. “There’s nothing wrong! There’s nothing wrong!!” Clearly there is, but I guess Baghdad Bob is in charge of customer communications.
      It’s sheer incompetence, plain and simple. If they’re going to win riders’ trust back, whoever they bring in as the new GM needs to clean house, raise standards and add accountability.

  • It’s old news that Metro breaks down almost every day, and there are many ways to complain in social media, but is there an organized group advocating for improvements?

    • That’s a good question. NYC has the Straphangers’ Campaign (I think that’s the name), but I’m not sure we have anything other than Unsuckdcmetro.

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