Last Thing in the World You Want at a Grocery Store Before a Snow Emergency – Burst Water Pipe


UPDATE: @gchowdhry tweets us just after 7pm:

“@PoPville FYI the Safeway is closing due to the burst water line. Announcement just came over the loud speaker.”

@ktstritz tweets us the photo above:

“It’s snowing. The Petworth Safeway is flooding. #stateofemergency”

JH emails us the photo below:


AP emails us the video below:

“So on top of the crowds at the new Safeway in Petworth, a pipe just burst in the garage and in the store. This is the scene downstairs. If that freezes, at least a dozen cars are going to have a nightmarish time getting out.”

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  • Above ground water pipes — in a parking garage — not insulated?

  • That’s day two of problems. Yesterday their heat went out.

  • Hang on folks, I’m gonna run over real quick and get a free car wash… |:[

    I think DC should create a law that punishes new construction builders for broken pipes within the first 5 years… A lot of my friends have houses with uninsulated pipes next to external walls that busted this year and it’s a simple engineering issue that should never happen. These contractors know better, yet they get away with shoddy work all the time.

    • We had that happen in my old condo (around 150 garden style units in VA) – they put uninsulated pipes right next to the outside wall and the insulation was between the pipe and the inside wall. But we had really mild winters for a LONG time after they were build (80s, 90s, maybe). Then around the early 2000s, we had several cold winters in a row and had the pipes freeze two winters in a row. Our master insurance dropped us. We begged them to take us back and had to do an engineering study to see why we were having pipes freeze. Yep – uninsulated pipes to the sprinkler system in the outdoor stairwells. We had to remediate it and it was REALLY expensive. So very much fun. And it was too late to go after the original builder. It is why if you’re buying new or remodelling, you should ALWAYS do an inspection before the drywall goes up.

  • As a South Arlingtonian, I can tell you that the *worst* thing to happen to a grocery store is actually a pipe of sewage bursting.

  • not only did they not have heat yesterday but they didnt have water in restrooms

  • That Safeway was a hot (cold?) mess today, all around.

  • The only thing that is worse is that my pregnant wife had her purse and iPhone stolen while in the Safeway earlier that day (IDs, insurance cards, etc.). Fortunately, happened right by video cameras and tracked the phone to a block. Hoping the person has a change of heart and turns the stuff in.

    • Brooklyn Brawler

      Keep us updated. Had a similar experience with my IPAD being stolen but was unable to locate it using the find my ipad app.

    • For those of us that visit the Safeway on a routine basis, do you mind sharing what exactly happened with your wife? Terribly sorry about this and I hope the catch the person who did this. Hopefully, your story can help others.
      Was the store managment and MPD helpful? It’s very troublesome this happened while in the store. I’ve heard of people being robbed after leaving the store, but not inside.

      • UPDATE – So my wife was shopping before the snow storm and was in the meat aisle, she turned to walk to the opposite side of the aisle, but it was so crowded that she walked away from the cart about 3-5 feet. When she turned back around realizing she left her purse exposed, a member of Safeway’s security team was moving her cart and her purse was gone. She walked down another aisle to see if she could find it or see the someone carrying it and then went to the garage to make sure the car wasn’t stolen. She reported it to Safeway and the police. Initially, the police and I tried to track the phone down using Apple’s app, but were unsuccessful. My wife and I tracked the phone for a while and called the police which showed up in the vicinity of the trace, but would not approach the house(s) that the trace showed. We have a pretty good sense of the person’s residence who stole the phone and purse. We continued to work with the police and Safeway, but Safeway delayed in getting surveillance footage to the police. We definitely had to stay on Safeway to get cooperation in the matter. The beat officers did what they could while on-site, but overall are swamped. We visited the MPD 4th District to update them and some of their officers told us that it wasn’t important enough to look into for a number of reasons, but we then got a call from an investigator that had take over the case. He has been great to work with, but Safeway has had issues so they can’t produce any leads in the case. Since it is a new phone and it is locked, it is a brick and we suspect that the person is going to give up on it soon. We will just have to wait it out and likely get a new phone.

  • they had burst pipes late last fall in one corner of this garage for days. It was back towards the right as you drive in. Not sure if that’s employee parking or what. But the water was cascading from the same pipes over multiple visits. We mentioned it to the guy sitting at the driveway/ parking lot intersection, and he’s enthusiastic response was “Yup.”

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