Jumbo Slice coming to Brookland

3524 12th Street, NE

Just noticed a sign for Pizza Mart (home of the jumbo slice in Adams Morgan) is coming to Brookland. Someone should tell them that Catholic are the Cardinals not the Terrapins…

Side note: Steel Plate across the street serves one mean barrel aged negroni.


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  • brookland_rez

    Yay. Now I have somewhere to get drunk food if I drink too much at Steel Plate or Smith Public Trust.

  • Way to advertise for UMD on CUA home terf…. Not that it wont sell like crazy.. Just saying.

  • really another takeout pizza place in brookland? we could use a decent burger spot.

    • brookland_rez

      Brookland’s Finest and Smith Public Trust make a good burger.

      • I’ll give you smith public but have had burgers at brooklands finest twice now and have been disappointed. Was actually thinking more fast casual takeaway like five guys, smashburger, shake shack etc.

        • also i think steel plate has the best bigger of the “big 3” on 12th street and it’s a steal at happy hour.

        • brookland_rez

          Actually I’m surprised a Five Guys has not come either at Rhode Island Row or Monroe St Market. Either location would be perfect.

  • NOOOOOOOO! I thought Pizza Kingdom was going to reopen!

  • Im not super excited about this but Im sure they will do brisk business.

    PoP or anyone: Do we know what the story is with Little Rickys/whatever will open up in that space? Also the former Optimism Bar and Grill a little bit farther south on 12th is getting built out…but for what?!

  • Does Pizza Mart typically do delivery? That’s something we are lacking in Brookland.

    • We get delivery from Today’s Pizza. They have a really easy online ordering system and the delivery people are always really friendly. Pizza is good too!

    • Most of these jumbo slice places do deliver, but for whatever reason, the delivery pizzas always seem to be completely different than the jumbo slices you order for carry out. And not just the size; the crust, toppings, cheese, everything seems a little different.

  • Wish it was Duccini’s.

  • Happy to see this since the Pizza Kingdom space has been looking a bit blighted since the fire… but we need more density to support all of these great businesses. Apparently there will be another hearing (actually an oral argument) on 901 Monroe later this month. Hopefully the zoning commission acts quickly afterwards and doesn’t screw up the decision again.

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