Former Uptowner Deli space becoming a Verizon Store in the Tivoli Building next to Z Burger

3307 14th Street, NW

In other Columbia Heights news, @MrTinDC sends an update on the former Uptowner Deli space which closed in August:

“.@PoPville The old Uptowner Deli space in the Tivoli has permit in window for a Verizon Wireless Store. Better than vacant, but… BO-ring!”

I’m afraid I agree with Mr. T – better than vacant but worse than the former deli for sure.

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  • CH just gets worse and worse. I can’t believe such a cool building has such down scale retail.

  • Wow, that’s one of the worst transitions I’ve seen in Columbia Heights. Uptowner Deli wasn’t great, but it was good and it wasn’t a chain.

    So now there’s the Verizon, the T-Mobile (or is it a Radio Shack?) and the Sprint store. Looks like some other independent business will have to be forced out for an AT&T.

    • I was just thinking this when I walked by that Sprint store the other day, and now we’re getting a Verizon store too? I still kinda miss the Mayorga cafe that was in that building. I don’t know why businesses seem to struggle in this area.

      • hammers

        I think the income gap in this part of the city is huge. People are either very low income, and people can’t afford to spend on niche things, or very high income, where people prefer more luxiourious choices. I think it is only as well footrafficked as it is because it does have a few things that are necessities or accessible to both classes–i.e. Target and Giant

  • Despite all the amazing development the area has seen, none of it has really succeeded in making this part of Columbia Heights a pleasant one for shopping and dining. To be honest, the entire area is filled with a certain uncomfortable tension, which does not make for good business.

    • samanda_bynes

      i dont think it’s too bad at all – i’m walking up and down there all day. but for the most part, it’s not super pleasant to eat because the restaurants in the immediate area/theater area are just…meh. but a Verizon store? goddamnit.

  • definitely unfortunate but the chances of local shops just aren’t there given the rent among other things.

  • hammers

    sigh. oh well. at least it isn’t greasy fast food. Hopefully it is a real Verizon vs. a retailer–I’m sick of having to go to Union Station for my biannual Verizon needs.

  • No surprise here.

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