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  • Bievenue a Shaw – Slum Historique! The last part was the most important!

  • Wow. What a complete transformation. There’s a good article on this here, by the way: washingtoncitypaper.com/blogs/citydesk/2010/01/21/cafe-putain-qui-pue-mural-in-shaw-disappears/

  • We lived around the corner from these murals from 2007-2009 and now I’m amazed every time I’m in that area to see the transformation on that corner. Never in a million years would I believe Dacha and Hell’s Bottom would be there now.

  • I Dont Get It

    Seems like a lifetime ago

  • I had to look at this building everyday for 7+ years and it drove me crazy!! I thought it was going to rot to the ground, then poof! It became an upscale condo/barber shop overnight. Then suddenly I kinda missed that old ironic mess. 9th St NW has been named one of the most “endangered places” in DC. Despite the progress I waited for for so long, I am happy I still remember the old days… 🙂 Now I’m enjoying watching my new good (Brookland) evolve. Thanks for posting these pics (though I can still see it perfectly in my memory). Long live Shaw. 🙂

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