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  • There is also 9&1/2 street near Nellies.

  • Anyone know why they employ 1/2 in this case (and 9 & 1/2) when in many other places in the city they use Place instead of Street when there is a street inserted into the grid (i.e. 12th St. and 12th Pl.)?

    • 9 1/2 St name came from a longtime resident in the 1970’s who was fed up with not receiving his mail. After years of trying to get a name for the “alley” he got DC govt and USPS to agree to make it a street. When asked what he wanted to call it, he stated, “I don’t care, call it 9 1/2 st for all I care.” At least that’s what his wife told me one evening. Nevertheless it is still a challenge to get mail and food delivery.

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