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  • So a coffee shop is opening across the street an existing coffee shop (Tynan), next door to a place that serves coffee (Panera), and around the corner from a Starbucks. There’s even another Starbucks inside the Target. Considering that a taco/burrito joint couldn’t compete with a single business nearby – Chipotle – doesn’t bode well for this new coffee shop all things considered.

    • This is exactly what I was going to say. Is there really no chance of anything different opening up in this area?

  • And a block away from Coffy Cafe

  • Glad I’m not the only one dumbfounded that we now have 3 coffee shops within 100 feet of each other and 5 at one intersection. Where are those people saying Chick-fil-a shouldn’t move in because we already have one chicken place (not even the same type of chicken)? And I’d say Lime went under because of poor management and really long wait times, not because it couldn’t compete with Chipotle. The Lime down near Chinatown is booming across the street from Chipotle.

    • If Lime had been better run, it’d still be there. I stopped going because I hated staring at my food as it just said there with the employees doing nothing about it.

      • they seem to have done poorly elsewhere. i thought it was just Chipotle with the pretense of being better, but not delivering.

  • I do love their coffee but I agree the decision to open so close to so many other coffee places seems ridiculous. Can’t imagine that the rent must be cheap either, so close to DCUSA.

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