Upper Cuts, “gentleman’s grooming place”, coming to 14th and New York Ave, NW

716 14th Street, NW

Thanks to @ranpuba for tweeting us:

“@PoPville Upper Cuts, a “gentleman’s grooming place”, is coming to the old Metro Camera spot @ 716 14th st NW”


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  • Considering the number of beards that are being grown in DC, I’d say this is a much needed service, I just hope the men who go out of their way to look unkept take notice of it. Seriously guys, can we go back to shaving please.

    • I’ve had a beard or goatee for ages. It’s not that difficult to trim it yourself. This is just silly. If you want things to be perfect for a special occasion, beard trimming is usually a relatively cheap add on to regular haircut, even in a fancy salon-type place. This is just more of turning the ordinary and cheap into something mediocre and expensive.

    • justinbc

      Note: Even if you have a beard you still can / do shave the rest of your face.

  • Cake pops and gentlemen’s grooming. And cat cafes, etc. When do we get our Portlandia?

  • For the man who wants to spend $60 for a $20 haircut.

    • Recently I went to a “gentleman’s grooming place” and I did pay $60 for a $20 haircut. However, I did enjoy the single malt scotch whisky that came with my $60 haircut.

    • Sometimes it is worth it to spend more for a “premium” men’s cut. If you are doing a razor cut (no scissors used), or something trendy, I find it is better to not go for the cheapest cut in those situations. But if you’re doing a traditional cut, most any place will do.

  • No manscaping?

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