“Total gridlock in Georgetown”

Photo by @FunstonMatthew

“@FunstonMatthew: Total gridlock in Georgetown, cars spinning out on Wis Ave @PoPville #DCsnow #DC @capitalweather “

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  • When is Georgetown not total gridlock?

    • I used to live in Gtown, and find it quite easy to navigate. It helps if you know ways to circumvent travel on M Street and Wisconsin to the greatest extent possible.

    • my bus goes down M St each morning and it’s typically fine other than the bottleneck at M/Whitehurst/Key Bridge. It only turns into gridlock when there has been an accident.

  • It was a mess starting at 545am with not a plow or sand truck in sight. This is a major arterial and should be one of the first roads treated and plowed.

    • Yeah, I think most of the city was untreated until after 7am. I walked back from the gym at 6:30 and 14th street was an ice rink. Cars couldn’t make it up the hill from Florida up towards Columbia Heights.

  • I work in the hospital, and roads coming in at 6:30-7 were a disaster. No sign that any effort was being made to treat the roads.

  • Muriel has some ‘splainin’ to do!

  • We had to go to Georgetown Hospital for an 8:30 appointment. After spending 30 minutes on Q street, we finally just parked and walked from 31st street.

    I am pissed the City (read Bowser and DPW) didn’t have a salt truck out! Even though there was only 2″, you gotta treat the roads a little bit!

    • After 45 minutes on the Georgetown shuttle from Dupont leaving at 8:30, most of the bus decided to get out at Q just short of Wisconsin and walk to the Hospital. We beat the bus by a good 15 minutes. I had a good metro experience, but the roads were horrible.

  • Yeah, not an accident, just an untreated road- at 7:30, police still had southbound Wisconsin Ave. blocked at R street because of slick conditions= no 30’s busses, no traffic getting on southbound until past Book Hill

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