Sweet Dog Found in the 1600 block of 4th Street NW


“I arrived home to my house on the 1600 block of 4th Street NW last night and found this sweet, big boy stuck in my front yard. He seemed to have wandered up my walkway and somehow closed the gate behind him. According to my neighbor, it happened at around 9 pm (she heard him barking). We called animal control because none of us could keep him with our existing pets. He looked intimidating but was quite a softy. He isn’t neutered and although he looked like he had cataracts, the animal control officer guessed that he is young.

We are trying to track down his home if he has one; we did confirm today that he isn’t microchipped.. If anyone in Truxton Circle/Bloomingdale/Shaw recognizes him, he’s at the New York Ave shelter.

We are also sending to Lost and Found dogs FB.”

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  • Emmaleigh504

    I hope he has a family and they find him, or he gets a new one.

  • I recognize him! He comes to Bundy dog park and his owner has two other pit mix dogs. I think he’s still a puppy, around 6 months old and he does have cataracts in both eyes, and he’s a total sweetheart who loves people. I hope someone from Bundy knows the owner.

    • epric002

      please share this info at the dog park if you’re going there today!

    • Yes please try! We loved him and would be so happy to see him be reunited with his siblings!

      • I just called Wagtime because I think the owner is friends with some of the guys that work there and also the shelter to let them know the pup’s age (he’s listed as Mister Magoo for now). I posted to Bundy’s facebook to see if anyone remembers his real name or knows the owner. I will also bring this ad to the park tonight.

    • If my dog went missing for 10 minutes I would be searching vigorously every possible site to find her. What is wrong with people?

  • epric002

    someone already shared on lost & found dogs dc metro area fb page.

  • I called this morning, and he’s still at the shelter. He’s listed as Mister Magoo. I’m a little worried that because he was found inside the fence that he may have been left on purpose – maybe because of his cataracts. I hope that’s not the case, but in the meantime, he’s sitting on day 3 of his 5 day stray hold and if anyone reading this is a registered foster with the DC Humane Society and can take him, I will vouch for him that he’s a sweet friendly dog – good with humans and other dogs. (We don’t get many cats at Bundy dog park, but my guess he’d be perfectly fine with them too.) He likes belly scratches and will lean against you and ask for more rubs if you stop. He’s a good boy.

    • That’s bad news. I got some leads when I went to the park last night – people were familiar and described his owner, who might live around 3rd and T. I vouch for the pup’s sweetness. In a scary situation, he was loving with his. But that should be day 2 of his stray hold because he wasn’t picked up until after midnight on Wednesday night/Thursday morning.

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