Shooting/homicide on Georgia Ave near Howard University

2718 Georgia Ave, NW

From MPD around 3:30am:

“The Third District is investigating a shooting which occurred in the 2700 block of Ga Ave NW. Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Metropolitan Police Department at 202-727-9099 or text at 50411.”


Update from Council Member Nadeau:

“Good morning. MPD has shared the following with me and I wanted to make sure the community had the latest information. As always, if you have any information that might assist the investigation please use the contact info provided below:

The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating a shooting/homicide that occurred early this morning inside of the establishment known as Chuck and Billies in the 2700 block of Georgia Ave., NW.”

Update from MPD:

“Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department’s Homicide Branch are investigating a homicide which occurred in the 2700 Block of Georgia Avenue, Northwest.

On Sunday, January 25, 2015, at approximately 3:08 am, officers from the Third District responded to a call for a shooting in the 2700 Block of Georgia Avenue, Northwest. Upon arrival, they located a male, unconscious and unresponsive, suffering from a gunshot wound. DC Fire and Emergency Medical Services personnel responded and determined there were no signs of life.

The decedent has been identified as 45 year-old Jerald Williams, of Ellicott City, Maryland.”


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  • Was this near Chuck and Billy’s… again??

    • The e-mail we got on the CH listserv said “The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating a shooting/homicide that occurred early this morning inside of the establishment known as Chuck and Billies in the 2700 block of Georgia Ave., NW.”

      • What more needs to happen for this place to be shut down? How many more incidents? If we wanna clean up Georgia Ave to make it safe for residents and foster both retail & tech economic development (jobs!), then we need to close down the places that are a continuous problem or prey on poor residents. I’m looking at some of the night clubs, strip clubs and pay day loan places!

      • Thanks. I see it now.

        This place has been a terrible neighbor in the years I’ve lived up the block.

        From being a nuisance: Loud clientele at all hours in the “smoking area” (they don’t have a license for a patio)

        To being a public safety hazard: drunk patrons sexually harassing me as I’m walking home

        To being a place for violent crime: the shooting last year, and now another one.

        Time to take stronger measures.

  • So it’s been confirmed that it was in Chuck & Billy’s. Where is the 96-hour shut down from Chief Lanier?

    • Shut it down. Someone gets stabbed at McFaddens, and the whole place is shut down. Someone gets murdered at this place and …… crickets. Hopefully Monday will see some action being taken.

  • So, what is about violence in clubs in GA Avenue? This is getting absurd.

  • Is this place a problem? I only see old people there, crowd never looks rowdy.

    • +10K. I’m not sure about the hyperbole, because honestly I’ve always enjoyed the vibe as I pass by. Friendly old-timers just chilling, grilling some chicken or whatever. One time an older lady asked me to walk her to car!! The NERVE.

      In all seriousness, bad apples do not a problem establishment make. I reserve judgement, and in general, have appreciated this little slice of old DC.

    • boochow

      I have had 2 separate incidents where room-mates have had to call MPD due to harassment by C&B patrons. One time because he would not buy drugs from the patron. I have lived on the block for 15+ years so, that is only 1 account per 7 years… not so bad!

  • We used to go to this place and everyone was super friendly inside. I always enjoyed the outdoor grilling in the summer. Very sad to hear this news 🙁

  • 20 years ago, This was a big hangout spot for Howard kids

  • God Bless the C&B Fam, every year we go and receive free toys, food, money and clothes to name a few the Owner has never said NO to anyone…. He’s door is open 365 days of the year for all people rich or poor , God Bless all parties… and please keep one our last community bars open….

  • This will be a gross injustice to close the doors of Chuck & Bills it benefits & serves the community by the recent news cast of the annual 45th year toy drive and feeding the homeless to name a few… Chuck’s is a historic landmark to the community all are welcome with the friendly family atmosphere… We LOVE CHUCKS!!!

  • This is the official CHEERS of DC …. We will fight to keep the doors open!!!

  • Mr. Chuck has been a father to the urban community, he never turns anyone away he’s always helping the community, keeping people employed helping w/ rent collecting for funerals sponsoring lil league teams as well as other fundraisers…. Don’t blame the venue, Let’s continue to keep our black heritage alive…. It’s so sad you do a million things trying to create a safe family environment for your community… and a mishap out of your control our community has to suffer… Closing Chuck’s will not improve the community it will perhaps increase the violence because you will have one less voice to cease the violence ….

  • Thanks to Chuck & Billy’s I am able to attend college, He’s help my family through some rough times, Please research the history before you judge the man…. It’s so easy for people to judge from the outside …. But for all the true Washingtonian who know that First he is a man of God and second a advocate for the community he loves he’s people and excepts them for whoever they are… Never Judges just shares hes love w/ all people


  • God Bless All, in these times we have to all walk covered with the blood of Jesus … My heart goes out to all for their losses…. Anytime you are not safe in the White House where can u be safe … In church u have security and police everywhere u go now you are taking a chance … I’ve been celebrating my birthday parties at Chuck n Billy’s for the last 15 yrs and never have I experienced any disrespect or violence … It’s a senior crowd we hand dance and party like the good ole days it’s a family atmosphere …. Former mayors and celeberties are frequent visitors at C&B…. It’s a part of our history how many black own businesses have been around for 45 yrs plus …. No good deed goes unpunished … I’ve always told my Grandpa u can’t save the world … God knows best and he knows his heart and at the end of the day all I can say is Grandpa job well done love u always ….

  • I have been a customer of Chuck &Billy’s for over 10 years. Over the years I have seen how Mr. Gary has helped the community in many ways. He has given food baskets or fed the less fortunate during the holidays. He has had Easter egg celebration for the children for Easter. He had Christmas party’s and gift giveaways for the children. Mr. Gary is a considerate and loyal man when it comes the Community and his customers. I really hope that this establishment will re-open. Mr. Gary is a great asset to the community.

  • I love chucks I would not want to see the club close i would have no place to go and have fun.please don’t end this family fun club.

  • 27 cases on for one Jerald Williams

    • What does his court cases have to do with his dying? You didn’t know him or his story, so please don’t judge him by a file.

  • With all due respect please don’t disrespect the deceased…. We all have sinned,God can only Judge ….

  • We love Chuck n Billy’s and we will fight for our Regal Begal …. Nobody is mad but the Devil he is so busy ….

  • Please don’t close Chuck and Billy’s; my condolences to the deceased family.

  • Omg … C&B is home for so many of us … It’s a home for the seniors , DC has know place for us seniors to go and keep our dignity…. My wife drops me off every morning and picks me up when she gets off of work I refuse to go to a senior center and drift away I’m 87yrs young and I thank C&B for keeping me up beat and young… I could b in a rest home or a senior center but God gives me the strength to get up every morning and I look forward to being around my family and friends … Closing C&B will be a major loss for us seniors… Where will we go, fix the problem get the youngster off the streets and let us seniors have our place back….

  • based on the comments, sounds like the place will be missed sorely.
    pretty sad.

  • In my experience, the average age of Chuck & Billy’s patrons has always been 55++. If the NEW community took time to visit this establishment, they would enjoy the atmosphere and feel SAFE. It’s almost impossible to leave without having a great laugh – where else can you go and see 75+year olds dance to current music and share stories about the “old days”!! For every holiday – there is happy hour to celebrate the season… 4th of July and Halloween parties are incentives to wear costumes, laugh and celebrate.

    The community and Chuck’s has existed looong before the Gentrification of Washington, DC and Georgia Avenue. Perhaps if you participated – you’d learn the truth. I’ve NEVER heard of anyone Threaten or trying to MAKE someone purchase drugs… that’s like a Homeless Drug Dealer. When the demand for illegal drugs go down – the world will have no more crime.

    If anything, Chuck’s may want to close its doors earlier; the hours provide an opportunity for Younger People stop by after already consuming tooo much alcohol or whatever; instead of taking their sorry behinds and going to bed.

  • I’ve been living in this black community all of my 37yrs and now everyday I receive or have some Caucasian person sending me mail or knocking on my door trying to buy my home lets face it ppl they want all blacks and their establishments out of DC period … Drugs are everywhere from Potomac (Montgomery County) to Woodmore (PG County) …. It’s bigger than the drugs … What is the 230000 a yr chief doing to earn her salary put more police on the streets …. Shut down the strips and crack houses … Not the places that have been safe for over 40yrs…. When some one is killed in the projects u don’t shut them down u find the murder and keep it moving …. Blame the responsible parties not the innocent bystanders …. MPD step up and do your jobs…. And leave our community bar alone….

  • God b with my Dear friend Chuck …. To know him is to love him …. Please endure endure job well done …. You have done enough for the ppl and your left to suffer for the bad seeds … May God continue to bless and give u the strength u need to fight this battle … It’s not over until God say’s it’s over …. job well done !!! Love ya Jackie

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