Richard Sandoval’s Mango Tree DC opens in CityCenter Thurs. – A Look Inside and at the Menu

929 H Street, NW

From a press release:

“The original location is situated in the heart of Bangkok in a beautiful Thai house built almost 100 years ago during the reign of King Rama VI. The restaurant is named after the great mango tree planted in front of the former house.

Opening Date: January 15, 2015

Hours of Operation: Dinner service from 5 PM to 11 PM
Lunch service from 11 AM to 3 PM (starting Jan 19th)

Menu Description: Mango Tree will serve genuine Thai dishes from each of the four main culinary regions: rich and fully flavored dishes from the North, spicy cuisine from the Northeast, more mild dishes influenced by the Chinese cooking style from the Central region, and hot and spicy cuisine from the South. In each dish, one will find the artful blending of savory, sweet, sour and spice which delivers the harmonious taste in each bite, and Thai food is naturally medicinal, bringing health and vigor to the meal. Menu highlights include Tom Yum, a lemongrass and kaffir lime infused spicy and sour broth with Maine lobster or an array of mixed seafood Massaman Gae, Mussaman curry with slow cooked lamb shank and fingerling potato, and Goong Mung Gorn Phad Phong Karee, baked Maine lobster dressed in yellow curry powder with egg and onion, which has become a signature dish at Mango Tree. Some of the dishes are refreshed for contemporary tastes while others are classics, to be continuously enjoyed for generations.

MTDC Menu Dinner (PDF)

Beverage Program: Mango Tree’s handcrafted cocktails including the Lychee Mojito, Spicy Siam, craft beer, along with an approachable wine list that has been created to marry well with the flavors of Thai cuisine.

MTDC Beverage Menu (PDF)

Capacity: Those dining at this welcoming, upscale restaurant will enjoy the second floor 140-seat main dining room and the 24-seat seasonal outdoor terrace. Mango Tree will also have a vibrant first floor 45-seat bar and lounge for those looking forward to sipping classic cocktails and innovative libations while listening to expertly curated music.

Design: Lázaro Rosa-Violán Studio from Spain is responsible for designing the 6,800-square foot space, which draws inspiration from Thailand with a twist of European sophistication. Mango Tree’s sleek design scheme makes it an ideal gathering place for meeting with friends or entertaining clients.”

Have a look inside – this is the upstairs but there is also a bar downstairs that wasn’t quite photo ready:


More Photos after the jump.





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  • Seems overpriced given the cuisine. Guess you gotta pay for the build out and high rent somehow.

    • Truly great Thai food is worth $$$. I don’t buy the argument that “ethnic” foods should be cheap.

      That said, I highly doubt this particular high priced Thai restaurant will be spectacular so I’ll probably give it a pass.

  • The original is an overpriced place selling well-prepared but extremely bland Thai food for well-off package tourists. I’m beginning to see a trend for City Center–chain restaurants that many people feel don’t live up when it comes to food.

  • Candygram for Mango! Candygram for Mango!

  • I will just get the obligatory comment about how poorly the retail is doing out of the way.

    • I Dont Get It

      It’s great for when you need to smash and grab a few items on the way home.

    • justinbc

      Long term people, long term. The condos / apartments are filled yet. The area around it still needs to be built up. The short sightedness of comments like this are why people wonder why they can’t buy a house in Logan Circle for under a million.

      • I don’t know why you keep defending it. the shoppers just aren’t there. Allen Edmonds has been open for a year and is usually empty. Alden–a block over sells better, though more expensive shoes and more often has customers.

        Expense account/special occasion restaurants might survive here, but retail won’t. Absent a good upscale draw like Saks, Nordstrom, or Bloomingdale’s or even some volume specialty retail like Apple, there isn’t a reason to draw in people for Arctyrex and Allen Edmonds and Kate Spade. The place is interesting for who they don’t have—Alden’s which probably has a cheap lease, Brooks Brothers which just remodeled a store near the old Burberry and opened in G’town, but not here.

      • I mean the comment as a joke. But, the area seems pretty built out. What is going to fundamentally change? They are adding a hotel and another office building. But, the office buildings surrounding the project seem unlikely to change in a major way.

  • I hope that it’s not only good, but can actually maintain some semblance of consistency. The quality of the food at El Centro, on the other hand, has taken a real dive as of late. Which is really disappointing, since it was so good at first.

  • Another one of his restaurants catering to tourists and bridge&tunnel. Would rather go to Tsunami for their Thai menu and save about $50-$60…

  • Just dreaming here, but I wish we could get Rick Bayless to open a restaurant in D.C.
    Frontera > El Centro.

    • There is 100% absolutely no question that Frontera is WAY better than not only El Centro, but any Mexican restaurant in DC. Not sure Rick Bayless has any desire to expand outside of Chicago, but it would be incredible. Also, I actually really like City Center, and think it is a great addition, but this place seems very overpriced. I would rather go to Little Serrow, Thai Crossing, Beau Thai, Tsunami, or other places for way cheaper.

      • jburka

        Still haven’t made it to Topo, but I’ve been to Frontera multiple times and would put Oyamel up against it any day. And they’re similarly priced.

        That said,I would kill to get Tortas Fronteras into our airports. Best. Airport. Food. Ever.

    • But seriously…my kingdom for a Topolobampo in DC.

  • Just go to Little Serow for a fantastic Thai meal at a good price.

  • Wow, that’s expensive. No thanks.

  • Rasika found an audience for expensive ethnic food, so maybe this place has a shot. The prices don’t seem to far out of line for a downtown spot.

    • Rasika is a perennial top-5 favorite of the DC dining scene; these guys have their work cut out for them. Going off El Centro, I wouldn’t bet that Mango Tree makes anyone’s top-10 list anytime soon.

    • jim_ed

      Maybe. This place is $4-5 per entree more than Rasika and is generally acknowledged as one of the best Indian restaurants in the country. While I suppose this COULD end up being lauded as one of the country’s top thai restaurants, most of Sandoval’s restaurants seem to usually rate from “meh” to “pretty good”

  • If I’m going to pay that much, I might as well go all out and hit up Thai X-ing. The Thai there is AMAZING and unlike Richard Sandoval places, I won’t leave disappointed.

  • Any word on whether this place will have a bottomless brunch like his other spots?

  • “corn-fed chicken”? Isn’t every factory-farmed chicken/pig/cow corn-fed? Not sure what these descriptors are trying to accomplish…

  • $12 for a spring roll! Oh dear…

  • It remains to be seen how people are going to get in and out of those red booths.

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