Pasta Mia signs 10 Year Lease will Stay in Adams Morgan

1790 Columbia Road, NW

Washingtonian reports:

“We just signed a lease for ten years,” says Broglia. And the air conditioning—long-broken and a point of contention last year—“is working perfectly.”

Back in Feb. of last year there was a one year reprieve after Pasta Mia almost permanently closed in January 2014.

Photo tweeted by @nikbuf after last year’s reprieve.

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  • This is GREAT news. Sure there are way more good restaurants in DC now, but Pasta Mia has amazing sauce, is very reasonably priced (you get two-three meals out of one trip and the house wine is a steal), and is a unique and authentic atmosphere that is missing from any other DC restaurant.

  • Best part about this place besides the delicious food is their ability to not give a flying F%&K!!!! I can’t wait to eat there for another 10 years!

  • Blah. For those of us who’d said good riddance to Pasta Mia but then cried fat tears a couple of days ago about Mothership, it’s a bad bad joke.

    • Yeah, but did Mothership offer (and by “offer,” I mean badger you repeatedly about as you endure endless waits for your food and your bill) you an Iphone app? Pshaw then–Pasta Mia it is!

  • Keep on Truck’n

  • Questa e buono notizia! Non trovare cibo meglio ovunque da Napoli.

  • justinbc

    They should rename it Pasta Meh. It might be the most disappointing restaurant I’ve visited in all of DC.

  • Still put out that they made us pay for our then 2-year old daughter as if she were an adult. She wanted a couple of bites of our dinner — had to pay like $20 to “split a serving.” Grrr…

  • I went to this place once and don’t plan on going back and here’s why:
    • My wife knows she can’t finish a huge entree, so she never orders a huge entree for herself. When we attempted to order one entree and split it between us, we were told we could not do that. At Pasta Mia, they require everybody at the table to order an entree and their portions are humongous.
    • We were there with a few other people and between the appetizers, entree’s and wine, our tab was a couple hundred dollars. When the bill came, they pointed to a sign on a chalkboard that said cash-only. I understand businesses wanting to avoid credit card fee’s, but if you sell wine by the bottle and entree’s in excess of $20 and you accept tables of 4, you need to accept credit cards. Expecting people to carry that much cash on them is absurd.
    If they have changed these policies, I might consider going back, but probably not. Their food was just ok.

    • There isn’t a single item on the menu that’s more than $18.00 and the portions are huge. Its not a large place so I can completely understand their policy of everyone at the table needs to order an entrée. Rent in this town isn’t cheep, especially in Adams Morgan…and the cash only thing, if you have ever been to Naples, where they are from, you would understand that it only make the experience that much more authentic. Personally, this is my favorite restaurant in DC, love it for the owners, who keep it clean and do all the work of running the business, for the food, for the atmosphere, for all the good times I’ve had, even for the long lines. Sure beats the 90 over priced pretentious trend Italian restaurants owned by investor groups that this city has. I hope you give it another try now that you know what to expect.

      • justinbc

        Not taking credit cards because it’s “authentic to Naples” might be the most asinine explanation I’ve ever heard for outdated business practices.

      • I’ve been to Naples. The food, which I paid for with a credit card, was generally a lot better than Pasta Mia.

        • justinbc

          They just buy giant boxes of pasta and cans of sauce and heat them up. Absolutely nothing here tastes homemade or fresh. It’s really insulting to even compare it to the food in Italy.

          • they don’t make their own pasta or sauces?

          • I went here when it first opened and little has changed in the last 20 years. It’s not an exceptional Italian restaurant, but in a city filled with overpriced, mediocre Italian places, it’s a good value. It also was much better than that awful spaghetti place that survived for years in 18th Street.

          • any time i’ve been there, i’ve gotten homemade pasta. maybe they just don’t like you.

          • Prove that this statement (your first line) please or retract the statement.

  • I went there once (after so much hype) back in 2004. Hated it. Never went back and don’t plan to. Food was lame.

  • I ate there once, it was OK. I won’t go back. However, I am pleased to see a family owned business keep its door open. Obviously enough people like this place to keep it going, and they are not a product of corporate strategy with a marketing department financed by yet another DC restaurant investor group or “celebrity” chef or whatever. So, good for them.

  • On a different note–is there really a Chipotle opening in next door at the old Mixtec place?

  • I like Pasta Mia because it reminds me of a time before

    • *oops misfired. I like Pasta Mia because it reminds me of a time before everything had to be artisanal and before people would fall on the ice when it’s icy out and look for the nearest reataurant to blame online for the next half-decade.

      • I LOL’d
        Nice rant.

      • Yeah. they don’t talk about “concepts”.

      • ExWalbridgeGuy, perhaps I should have noted that it wasn’t actively precipitating; the problem was that they hadn’t sufficiently treated their sidewalk. I walked in and politely (meekly, even) let them know that I had slipped and that they needed to treat it. Instead of saying “Oh, thanks for letting us know — are you OK?”, the woman just looked at me and said brusquely, “We put salt out earlier.” I said, “Well, apparently you need to do it again,” and left.
        I was astonished at her attitude, and I will continue holding a grudge against Pasta Mia as long as they are open.
        However, I too a bit nostalgic for the days before everything was overpriced small plates.

  • This place is awesome and I’m glad that it will be around for another 10 years. I’m happy to support a local, family-owned business that provides good value – I enjoy the pasta, house wine and tiramisu.

  • So you like your bottomless mimosas with your friends and your asinine selfies when you are in a restaurant, you can’t move around town without your uber, you go to Phuket and think you know Thai food, or you go to Italy on a cruise and suddenly you are an expert on Italian food, you rely on yelp to tell you where to go eat, you are so passionate about your damn Starbucks and you went to a cooking class with your friends probably with a living social coupon. Now your tell your friends you are a gourmet cook. You have been in DC for a couple of years and you tell your relatives back home you know all the cool bars, restaurants, “secret” joints you discovered ( yes, on the Internet….right ). You boast to your new friends in town you snatched a reservation in yet another small-plate new-hot-place with the coolest chef who was in that Bravo show and he has all those cool tattoos. I got news for you, you don’t know shit. I’ve known these people for more than twenty years. They’ve worked their ass off all these years to get to own their own place, and once they got there they cook for you, they give you a good deal, they don’ t mark up their wines and food like the other places. They are genuine. They are real. You people who criticize them will never understand this. Go to the Olive Garden and shut the hell up.

    • justinbc

      If you think the only two options for Italian food are this place and the Olive Garden then you unfortunately the one who doesn’t know shit. It’s actually funny you mention the Olive Garden, because it’s pretty similar in quality to Pasta Mia. Maybe when you met them 20 years ago they were passionate about making good food, but that passion has clearly left. It’s great that they’ve been successful, but people have developed a palate for better food over that time, and Pasta Mia is not keeping up with that change at all.

      • and where do you suggest?

      • Pretty sure a “foodie” you are describing wouldn’t be passionate about Starbucks. Regardless, competition exists. Pasta Mia does not provide the same quality food as the many, many other options these days. No need to get hostile about it. It does appear they have a loyal customer base who makes them confident enough to stick around for 10 more years. Also Olive Garden is horrible, those bread sticks though.

  • Went there on a date once 2 years ago and saw a giant roach happily crawling around on the wall directly behind my date’s head. Never.going.back.

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