Mad Momos Closes in Columbia Heights

3605 14th St, NW

Mad Momos opened up after much anticipation in Dec. 2012.

Thanks to all who passed on the sad word. Originally the note on their door said:


But then:

“mad momos is CLOSED.

Dear Friends and Patrons of mad momos,

Season’s greetings and Happy New Year to you. The management at mad momos thank you for all the support and amazing times these past few years. Regrettably, we have reached a point in our business where we need to share a difficult decision with you. We have decided to shift our business and focus our attention on opportunities that will better enhance our community in Columbia Heights. Therefore, it is with regret that mad momos will no longer be continuing its operation in the New Year.

A special thanks to our neighborhood and all the staff, past and present without which we could not have made this possible. This has been the most rewarding and unforgettable experience. We have had an amazing run with great success. Please stay tuned for something new and exciting coming soon.

We deeply appreciate all your unending support and most of all, your friendship. We wish you a healthy and happy 2015.

Warmest regards,
mad momos family”

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  • I think this is an important reminder that, no matter how good your ambiance is, if you are a restaurant that serves subpar food you are destined for failure.

    • Sub-par, overpriced food with very, very bad service. I gave this place several tries because I desperately wanted them to succeed, but every single time the service was horrible and the waiters never apologized or recognized this.

  • I so wanted to like this place as it was just around the corner from my house but sadly I was disappointed the few times I went. I wish the MadMoMo’s family well, they were always friendly. I have to agree the food just wasn’t all that good.

  • This was such an awesome space, but the food was sooooo bad and the service was pretty slow and lacking in any sort of bar knowledge. I hope that some industry people take it over and make something out of it and the mad momos people can recoup some of the money they invested

  • this is a bummer, as i liked their space a lot – and i really appreciated the novelty of their concept. i was just talking to a bartender about it the other day and commenting how i should probably go there more often. but i know i personally haven’t been in over a year. there is too much competition nearby for better bars, and the food was always great in theory, but fair in practice.

  • “We have decided to shift our business and focus our attention on opportunities that will better enhance our community in Columbia Heights.”

    If you’re not going to say what you’re actually doing, stringing together a bunch of words that sound nice doesn’t help.

  • I went there about a year ago – stumbled upon place and was excited based on the space. But food was pretty bad. And they served Tater Tots (sp?)) as a side — that seemed nasty. Remember beer glass was chipped at rim. Staff/manager seemed very nice. Wish them wellin their next endeavor.

  • I ate there once, and completely predicted this. I sat with a plate of expensive “Momo’s” and thought, I could have just bought these frozen at Trader Joe’s, and they’d cost just a fraction of this, and I’d be at home.

    • Hilarious, because I thought the exact same thing. Tasted like poorly prepared, mushy, Trader Joe’s. If you’re gonna serve frozen food, at least crisp the momos in the pan.

  • I really liked the food, especially once they re-vamped the menu and had a lot more than momos to offer. A few of their specials were amazing. But yes, the service always left something to be desired. I’m very sorry to see it go and wish the owners well — they were always very warm and welcoming.

  • Should have kept the potato momos– those were delicious.

  • Tried to support this place too. Their new food menu this past summer was a big improvement, and we had a couple of friendly waiters, but the bar service was absolutely terrible. Definitely takes the record for longest drink wait time, even when the place was not crowded (which it usually wasn’t).

  • Oh no, this is very sad news. Personally, I really enjoyed the food – and the drinks; nice and reasonably-priced beer list plus creative cocktails – every time I went, but I did see that it was never all that busy. Any other suggestions for dumplings in Columbia Heights will be appreciated.

  • I really liked the place. Casual food as Momos are, right? Reasonably priced beer and cocktails. Etc, amusing events. Good neighborhood place in a neighborhood that needs NO backsliding. Or, on the other end, food and bar snobbery.

  • I liked it

  • I’m sad for the owner, because he’s such a kind, colorful guy, always at community events and so friendly. But the food was inedibly greasy and not at all worth the hit to the wallet or the arteries.
    I hope the proprietor does better with his next thing, and that the space gets turned over quickly!

  • Let’s be honest… That stretch of 14th can be a bit dicey.

    Lots of newly vacant storefronts in Columbia Heights as of late… Can we hope that Brianne Nadeau is quickly working on a plan to increase business opportunities (and thus jobs) in her Ward?

  • “Everyone’s a critic.”
    Dang-nab trolls.

    Before Petworth started to gentrify in earnest, MM’s was here–serving smiles, good food (the five times that I went) and a relaxed atmosphere when there were very few other options available.

    I wish the owners and employees luck and success in your feature endeavors–you shall be missed!

  • That’s too bad. I really liked that spot.

  • Bummer. The space was fun. Admittedly, I didn’t even start going until about 6 months ago…but I was actually looking forward to next Spring to start using their outdoor spaces and pretty reasonable drink HH specials. Best of luck to the old owners.

    I hope someone else comes along and does something good with the space. I’m looking forward to seeing some new, fun places to eat and drink come into NoCoHei (haha).

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