If You Can’t Beat ’em…


Take out the grass and install a permeable surface that can be walked across. New Hampshire and Georgia Ave, NW by the Petworth metro.




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  • I wonder how those American Elms will hold up with that amount of disturbance. Good thing they’re young.

  • If you’d seen it before this modification you’d understand that the real disturbance was the soil compaction caused by the foot traffic. This will protect these trees over the long term

  • I hope this isn’t the same stuff that was used at the Newark Street Dog Park. The dog park turns into a gloppy mess when it rains – it’s like walking through a cement mixer.

  • Too much concrete. Too much gray. Where is the greenery! Georgia Ave could use some beautification.

  • Between the jaywalking and the ever present stopped cars in the right lane of this stretch of new hampshire, i dont think permeable materials to encourage foot traffic are the best solution. Lets create a job and get a traffic cop to monitor the flow. Someones gonna get hit, either a ped or a stopped car.

    • The concern was that people were trampling through this area, regardless of the danger involved. This material won’t encourage any additional foot traffic, but it will protect the trees from the ongoing flow of jaywalkers.

    • There are frequently DDOT employees directing traffic at this intersection. At least , they were there a lot in the fall.

  • While we are at it can someone please put a stop sign at all corners of the intersection of New Hampshire & Quincy? This is already one of the most dangerous intersections I have ever seen (http://tinyurl.com/oxm8kvt) but it also made infinitely worse on Sunday with church parking (http://tinyurl.com/q5rezok)!

    • +10000 I was nearly taken out by a car crossing NH Ave @ Quincy. A car stopped for me in the crosswalk, then some jerk tried to speed around him – of course I was screened by the stopped car – so the jerk didnt even see me. Missed me by a foot.

      • Yeah I just look away so nobody tries to stop for me – because they can’t control the second lane. if they stop, I wave them on and just wait until there is no near traffic (doesn’t take long)

    • I totally agree on this. They will never put a stop sign there because of the congestion it would cause but maybe some flashing strips or visual indicators I have seen in other cities when there is a pedestrian crossing.
      I have had people YELL at me from their car for crossing!

      There have also been car accidents there at night – at least one or two a month.

  • This is ridiculous. Rather than stop the cause, they are just throwing a band-aid on it. That is a horribly dangerous place to jay-walk, and it happens so much it’s ruining the grass. How about a short fence? That’s a proven deterrent, and they can keep the green grass. It doesn’t have to be an ugly security fence, just a few feet will make most people walk around.

    • From the ped perspective–people jaywalk here because if you are coming out of the metro station and there is a gap in traffic you can make it across the road safely. If you walk up to Quincy to try to cross in the crosswalk you may miss that gap and and be forced to cross in traffic (which virtually never stops).

      Additionally, when peds try to cross at Quincy they frequently encounter turning/U-turning vehicles (many if whom do not signal) which further disrupt the cross. That’s why city pedestrians will frequently go for a mid-block jaywalk rather than heading for a slightly more “protected” intersection.

    • I wouldn’t go so far to say it’s horribly dangerous. I live right there and you have a clear view of traffic moving in both directions. I don’t think it’s a problem as long as you pay attention.

  • Sad. Will they paint it green?

  • I’m okay with losing the grass for that surface. I would like to see a physical divider added, similar to Vermont Ave @ U Street

  • justinbc

    I’m not familiar with this area…what was the problem that was trying to be beaten here?

  • Take out the whole thing and put in a two-way physically protected cycle track?

    • Ambitious! I think that would be great. Lots of people, including me, cycle down that part of New Hampshire but it’s pretty narrow and the cars drive fast. It would be nice to get some safe bike infrastructure there.

      • Excellent!
        What do you think of the Sherman Ave Sharrows? Do you feel safe enough riding there? When they were first announced, I was pretty pissed because there would have been enough room for protected cycle tracks, but I’ve had too many babies since to ever ride there anyway.

  • This is why we can’t have nice things. I don’t understand why people have no respect for their public places.

  • Hope DDOT is taking away those large piles of dirt around the tree trunks. They are likely not to survive with all that dirt.

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