Hans Pedr Kaffe, formerly Locolat, Closes in Adams Morgan

1711 Florida Ave, NW

Thanks to a reader for passing on the sad news:

“The former Localat space – Hans Pedr Kaffe. Done. Spoke with the owner just a few minutes ago. Sign on Door cryptically reads Closed -Thanks for Coming. I happen to be walking by when someone was leaving. She is engaged in the depressing process of cleaning things up and out.”

Hans Pedr Kaffe took over the Locolat space back in March. They will be missed. Hans Pedr follows news of Casa Oaxaca closing in Adams Morgan after today. Hoping to share better Adams Morgan dining news soon.

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  • I really liked locolat’s chocolates. Delicious stuff.

  • Adams Morgan seems to be emptying out. Friday and Saturday nights used to be nuts on 18th street, but the last few times I’ve been there it’s been eerily quiet. What gives?

    • There’s always been really high turnover in bars/restaurants, but I think there’s starting to be more of a focus on neighborhood places that are open throughout the week. Just in the last couple years, we’ve seen Pop’s, Bul, Johnny Pistola’s, Sakuramen, the Cakeroom etc.. Plus there are places like Mellow Mushroom, Jack Rose, and Pleasant Pops that have been there for a few years to great success, and a UPS store that just opened. With the exception of this place and Casa Oaxaca (and Taan Noodles, which was quickly turned over), I have trouble thinking of restaurant-type places that have closed in the last couple years.

      • Well, the openings you mentioned all took the place of other restaurants, yes? So there have been plenty of closings of places that were neighborhood fixtures: Toulouse, Little Fountain, Mixtec, Pasta, etc. We’ll see if the newcomers last as long, or if the turnover churn will just continue. Too early to tell.

      • Adams Morgan is just maturing as a neighborhood into more of a quality, upmarket destination that actually serves the people who live there. Also, the liquor license moratorium is killing new openings. It needs to go away so nicer restaurants can open. This isn’t the dive bar mecca it once was when that law was enacted.

        I used to think the nightlife was fading, too, then I hit a warm Saturday night a few times and it was a madhouse. Not sure it’s like it was in the early 2000s when it was the city’s nightlife, but not too different.

        Anyway, I never heard of this restaurant and walked by often, so perhaps I wasn’t the only one.

        • Absolutely agree. Adams Morgan seems to be doing fine, but it is drastically changing. Obviously the late-night bar scene has shifted to 14th and U street, but it still exists here too. And all the new additions are amazing – a big step up from what it used to be. I still contend that Adams Morgan is one of the best neighborhoods to live in, especially Sunday through Friday at 9pm.

        • The moratorium is essentially gone. New CR licenses are available (restaurants). There remains a moratorium on CTs (taverns with no food requirement).

      • Plus Pho 14 opened on Columbia a few years back and is still going strong. Same with Doner bistro a bit further down.

      • maxwell smart

        As long as Joyti doesn’t leave, then I am happy.

      • Songbyrd is looking very promising too. Lots of new stuff in Adams Morgan as it grows past its rep as a bar only neighborhood. Also, don’t want to trash on HPK, but given my experience with its food and service I don’t think most residents will miss it much.

    • True – the crazy mob scene on Friday/Saturday has calmed down (yay!), but I think it’s just that the mob has been spread out over U St/14th St/H St/Barracks Row – many more options in the city overall for folks (yay!)

      • Exactly. There are a ton of bars, and they are all still VERY crowded on the weekends, but it just isn’t a complete mob like it used to be, which is a VERY good thing. Also, in addition to the areas you mentioned, there are more bars a bit south on 18th and 17th now that might spread people out a bit across the entire stretch vs. keeping everyone clumped in that two block stretch just south of Columbia.

    • I’m guessing that maybe you weren’t out there too late, because 18th Street is still a mess on the weekends. Though I will say that the crowd has really changed. 15 or 20 years ago, Adams Morgan was THE hip place to hang out on the weekends. But there are so many other parts of town that are completely loaded with bars and clubs now, that things have really been diluted.

  • I loved their chocolate drinks and their food was pretty good – but their service was absolutely horrible. I went with a group of 5 friends one Saturday morning, we were one of two tables, and it took about 40-45 minutes to get breakfast. Breakfast! It took 20 minutes just to get our drinks. Mine must’ve been the first one made because it was cold by the time they brought it to me.

  • The food and staff were great. That’s just a too tiny space for a restaurant. It can only seat what 12 people inside?

  • I think the space here is partially to blame. The metallic siding and reflective glass don’t feel very inviting. I can not count how many times I have walked by here and never popped in.

    • Yeah, the space and the restaurant didn’t really match. If a friend hadn’t taken me here, I would have never have guessed that this place was a belgian place.

    • maxwell smart

      It’s also a strange corner – it’s off the main stretch of 18th so unless you know it’s there, you forget about it.

      • Yeah, it was a little hard to notice, but once I went in there, I really liked the food – delicious scrambled eggs on croissants. Will miss it, and Casa Oaxaca.

  • Ugh, I was wondering when this would happen. Their dinner was out of my price point for a regular spot, and the cafe feel didn’t leave it looking like a good option for a special night out. I have been to brunch, and loved it. (Herbed scrambled eggs on a chive potato waffle & good coffee) and their desserts were awesome – but it just didn’t seem like they did enough volume.

  • I loved this restaurant’s brunch (pesto scrambled eggs with garlic waffle were amazing), and their desserts were great too. Their beer-flavored chocolate mousse is one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. I hope they reopen somewhere else!

  • They were rather overpriced for what they were offering. I went for brunch once, and I ended up having to order three things from the menu before it began to resemble a meal. I got a tiny ham and swiss sandwich, a tiny bowl of french onion soup, and I don’t even recall what my third item was. I think it may have actually been dessert, which I never order at restaurants. My bill came to over $60 for what was only relatively okay food. That was what killed the place right there. There are far better places in the city at a much better price point than that.

  • I really liked Hans Pedr the couple times I went. Problem is, I never heard any buzz about it, read any stories about it, or even saw any ads for it. Seemed very hidden to me, even though it was right near a very visible corner. When I’d walk by and see it, I’d tell myself I’d have to go back, but then never thought about it again until I happened by again. Out of sight, out of mind, I guess. (I live near 12/U so usually I wouldn’t walk that far west on U/Florida.)

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