Friendly Cat Found in Mt. Pleasant


“I found a lost cat a few minutes ago at the corner of 18th and Kilbourne in Mt. Pleasant. The cat is very friendly (it even let me pick it up and carry it inside my apartment building). Has a silver name tag that says Petey. No other information.

Owner can contact me at this email address ([email protected]) or call my cell at 202.455.0294.”

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  • Emmaleigh504

    Petey looks skinny! (Or maybe I’m used to my fat cat.) Does he have a chip?

  • What makes you think it’s lost? You should put it back outside and let it go home. The fact that it’s so friendly strongly suggests it is comfortable where you found it, ie, in familiar surroundings. If it were lost, it would be frightened and suspicious.

  • Petey lives on my block (18th and Lamont) and is an indoor/outdoor cat. He should be fine if you let him back out.

    • His owner ought to put that information on Petey’s collar. Otherwise, how are people to know??

    • Irresponsible owner IF this is true and they haven’t marked him with a designation on his tag as being outdoor. I’d want to verify before releasing the poor guy. Petey’s owner (if he or she is so concerned) should get in touch with poster who contact PoP. Otherwise, I’d never let the cat out without verifying. Those advocating leaving an apparently friendly cat outdoors are basically advocating that you leave abandoned or lost animals outdoors, because who can tell?
      I’d like to go on a rant about people who have indoor/outdoor cats and the numerous risks they willingly subject them to, but I’ll refrain.

      • I’m with you – anyone who leaves a pet unattended outside of their property (dogs tied up at stores, cats roaming the neighborhood) are beyond irresponsible and make my blood boil.

      • Emmaleigh504

        One of the risks is that someone will take the cat home for keeps. I say tough toenails to the previous owner.

        • LOL! Anyone who takes my cat home for keeps will find out real quick why he was outdoors. He doesn’t do litterboxes. Tried every litter, every box, multiple boxes, every location, pheromone diffuser, anti-anxiety meds, anti-depressants… the list goes ON.
          And so he gets let outside when he needs to go. I can just imagine someone saying “come home with me, friendly kitty!” and then “OH MY GOD WHY DID YOU POOP IN MY CLOSET????”

          • Emmaleigh504

            and that is a risk the person who takes in street kitties has to face. Street kitties may have a myriad of unknown issues.

        • Yeah, and as someone said in a previous post about the gray cat, it is illegal to have an outdoor cat in DC.

  • Dude, you just totally stole Petey.

    • HaileUnlikely

      There are four indoor/outdoor cats that I enjoy visiting with and petting in my neighborhood (in Takoma). Although their owners are batsh!t crazy hippies, they are still smart enough to keep their cats inside when it is as cold as it has been this past week. I miss petting my (neighbors’) adorable little meowers, but they are being kept inside right now for good reason, because sending them out when it’s this cold would be insane.

  • Don’t let the cat go back outside. It’s dangerous/too cold for him. Post a notice on the block mentioned below and let someone come pick him up.

  • While the concern is commendable, its worth noting that there are a LOT of outside cats in Mt. Pleasant, most of which don’t have tags of any sort. People can certainly have different opinions about whether cats should be let out, but for the sake of avoiding confusion and the need for constant cat exchanges, I think the de facto rule is that you let the cat be unless 1) it has a collar but is dirty/injured; 2) no collar and is dirty/injured/seems too friendly to be a real stray; or 3) there is an extreme weather situation (I’d say 40F as it is today doesn’t qualify).

    Here’s some bonus Petey hanging out on his corner last summer:

    • No. Keep your cat inside. That’s it.

      • I’d like to see YOU try to keep my cat inside. He’ll destroy everything you own inside of 48 hours. There’s also the non-stop vocal harassment. How long do you think you could tolerate top-volume cat yowling?
        Of course, I could have returned him to the shelter once I discovered that he was completely unsuited for the indoor life. As an adult with known litterbox issues (ie, total avoidance of litterboxes) he would not have gotten a second chance at a forever home. Do you think that would have been better? To euthanize him instead of letting him outside a couple times a day? That’s a straight question.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Being euthanized would be better than attacked by a pack of dogs (ok not likely here, but it’s happened in other places I’ve lived), run over by a car and left to die on the side of the road, tortured by neighborhood kids, etc.

        • There are 2000 cats on every day looking for homes. I’m sorry for your situation, but NO good rescue organization should have adopted out such a difficult cat. There is no such thing as a “no kill” shelter – only shelters that avoid taking on the problem animals, that sadly, need to be euthanized.

          This is the advantage of adopting an animal from a reputable rescue group – it has most likely been fostered, and the foster can tell you all about it.

          So straight answer to your question isn’t possible. Euthazization vs being smashed by a car and dying in prolonged pain, cold and lonely in a gutter – only you can decide.

          • Dear god, dramatic much?? That’s like saying that we should all take cyanide today rather than drink a glass of wine or two.
            I’ve had indoor/outdoor cats my whole life, and all of them have died of doddering old age. Never lost ONE to accident, illness, exposure or whatever Oregon Trail fate you’re imagining. Euthanasia versus agony, no brainer. Euthanasia versus a long happy life that contains the possibility of an accident? Yeah, I decided.
            Honestly, I expected better logic ability from you.

          • Victoria, I’m truly appalled at this: “There are 2000 cats on every day looking for homes.” and the implication that I should just swap my imperfect cat for one of those 2000. I love my cat. He just can’t live indoors all the time. You saying that I should euthanize him rather than give him the life that’s best for him really shows your true colors.

        • THIS. Obviously people who say keep your cat inside don’t have cats. You can deal with Henri meowing at the door and scratching at it ALL day and then MEOWING all night because he needs to get out his energy.

          • Emmaleigh504

            You can play with your cat indoors to get out it’s energy. Teach it tricks or find a toy it likes. Donna likes quarters, wadded up pieces of paper and ribbon.
            I used to have indoor/outdoor cats, here’s why I don’t anymore:
            Murphy hit by a car on a very quiet street
            Midnight became a chew toy for a dog named Midnight
            Georg was eaten by an alligator
            Kitten fell out of a tree and ripped her diaphragm and couldn’t breathe
            Surjet started showing up with chunks of skin missing until she didn’t show up anymore.
            Keith had an accident with a fence and his guts were ripped out.
            Ashlee was attacked by a pack of dogs and only survived b/c a brave woman rescued her (that pack of dogs also attacked people). She had permanent damage to her eye from where a dog bit her head.
            I get that some cats want to be outside, but they are safer inside. If you insist on having an indoor/outdoor cat make sure it has a tag that says so, then people won’t try to rescue it. They also need contact info on the tag and/or a chip, so if the cat is injured or killed it’s humans can be contacted.

      • You should definitely stop by Mt. Pleasant on a Saturday morning once the weather gets nicer. There will be lots of opportunities to impose catlaw as you see fit.

    • The onus is really on the owners of indoor/outdoor cats to put this kind of information on their cats’ collars.

  • I can confirm that Petey does live on the 1800 block of Lamont. He usually hangs out in the garden just west of the Potomac bluestone houses on the north side of the street on the 17th street end. Petey is friendly and hangs out out of doors. He’s neither lost nor abandoned. I would put him back outside.

  • #freepetey

  • I’m surprise nobody has brought up the avian death toll inflicted by the paws of Petey…

    • Oh please! We’ve done a pretty good job destroying the wildlife population so don’t even get started on the ecosystem thing. You do know you live in a city right? And just some FYI, cities are not indigenous to this area… I am positive that Petey mainly hunts rats in Mt. Pleasant anyway so consider yourself lucky.

      PS – Victoria and Emilie504 are probably the biggest threats to the safety of you indoor/outdoor cat.

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