Apparently there was a massive accident in front of the Petworth Library this Morning


Got a lot of tweets earlier this morning but this is the first photo of the wreckage I’ve seen – from @alexismarlena:

“@PoPville Here’s the destroyed bus shelter in front of the Petworth Library.”

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  • good grief that is bad. But it could have been a lot worse. Pretty sure toddler story time is in the AM and the place is packed with little ones and caregivers on the sidewalk walking in.

  • If anyone has seen how dangerous this whole interchange is, you wouldn’t be surprised. It’s a mess.

  • And the bicyclists who ignore the traffic lights only exacerbate the situation. I’ve been cut off many times by bikes barreling down Kansas Ave and blowing through stops signs and lights. Last I knew bicyclists had to obey the traffic laws too.

    • who looks at something like this and starts whining about bikers? this picture is exhibit A in why we shouldn’t have cars inside the city- no bike has ever done this much damage to anything.

  • was there anybody injured? does anybody have any details of this accident?

    • I sent in the photo and work at the library. It happened around 3:45 this morning. A truck drove up onto the sidewalk and crashed into the bus shelter. Didn’t hear anything about the driver but no one else was involved.

  • People riding bikes and ignoring traffic laws cause people in cars who are are obeying the laws to swerve unexpectedly…and thus hitting objects with bigger impacts than bicyclists. Makes sense to me.

    • First I’ve heard someone blame their terrible driving on a cyclist. From what I’ve seen on my many trips around DC by car and bike, drivers generally don’t look for or see cyclists. So they wouldn’t swerve to miss, they would just run over the bike and the poor sap on it, then continue driving like nothing happened. And I hope you’re just trolling with the “people in cars who are obeying the laws” comment.
      Can’t believe a pic of a truck destroying a bus stop STILL gets comments about rogue law-breaking city cyclists.

  • andy

    makes me fear for the future Slim’s Diner.

  • it was a black sedan….. I have a terrible picture I took about 5:30 this morning, but don’t know how to share it on this…..

  • I sure could hear that accident, it woke me up out of a deep sleep. From my front door though I couldn’t see what happened. It was blocked by the Muriel building.

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