1300 Park Road Painted – 4 Condos Coming this Spring

13th and Park Road, NW

Which do you like better – the paint or the original brick? Their website says:

“A unique collection of 4 brand new condominiums coming to the vibrant Columbia Heights neighborhood. Each home will feature modern finishes and large private outdoor terraces.
Coming Spring 2015 | From The $400s”

Personally I think I like the red brick better but I think the outdoor terraces are gonna be pretty sweet. I’ll show updated photos when it’s complete.



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  • Generally I am not a fan of painting brick if it hasn’t because you are basically spending money (quite a bit actually) and creating a maintenance task for people in the future. If my house hadn’t been painted a noxious mint green that was showing its age and need repainting – I wouldn’t have spent thousands having it painted. That is money I could have used elsewhere. Saying that, not all brick is attractive – sometimes it is looks cheap and bad so painting does make it look better.

  • Looks way better than that ugly, generic brick imo

  • i noticed that they didnt stick to the rendering which had a much larger footprint then the current building. i bet they forgot to take into account the building must be set back from the sidewalk a certain distance. the new design has tiny apartments.

  • Only 4 condos coming out of that building? Wow. Even given the depth I’m surprised they didn’t try to squeeze out more. Looks good, though driving by yesterday, the painted brick amongst all the “natural” brick makes it stand out, good or bad

  • Painting makes the building look even more plain than just the brick.

  • I live across the street and prefer the paint over the brick for the reason ET said: the brick looked really cheap. Plus that corner angle doesn’t seem as aggressive, if that makes sense. (It’s also the same color as the previous building, which I liked.) As for the setback, that was a big win. If it had extended to the sidewalk, as in their original plan, it would have been a behemoth looming over a nice residential intersection. It also would have compounded the visibility problems for cars turning right from Park onto 13th. In short, I’m much happier with this building than I thought I’d be!

  • It strikes me as strange that the developer didn’t just specify a lighter, tan brick instead of painting it this color. I understand why one might paint an existing brick building, but this was new construction, was it not? The color is OK, but it feels flat. In my opinion, they could have achieved a much more rich facade if it was a tan-ish brick blend of some sort. I hope that they pick good colors for the head and still, too. Still looks unfinished, so it’s hard to subjectively judge this building until it’s complete….but 4 units in that whole building – that’s fab! I’m curious about the layout, too.

    • Of course they could have used a nicer brick, but that brick is $$$ and these developers only care about the bottom line.

  • Does anyone know if the developers are going to add a turret to the top of this building to match the building across the street with the roofdeck? Defensive positions will be essential if Petworth’s neighborhood violence extends down to Columbia Heights.

  • I can’t imagine what these floorplans look like, considering all the angles. I guess each one is a duplex with small, chopped up rooms?

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