“Twas the night of Christmas, when all through the house was the sound of a car alarm, that even woke the mouse…”


@katfish705 tweets us:

“Navy VW Cabriolet-2600 blk of 15th NW-alarm been going off since 0300-6.5 hrs & counting”

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  • west_egg

    Honestly, why bother having a car alarm anymore? All they seem to do is alert your neighbors to the fact that a large truck rumbled by and shook your car.

  • My sympathies. Someone’s car alarm was going off on Christmas morning when I woke up and it went off continuously until about 3:30. F*ckers.

  • DC1

    Call 911, they will ticket and tow the vehicle away if necessary. Happened to us not too long ago and the vehicle was towed away in less than an hour.

  • I know people that used to keep a dozen really old eggs in their fridge for an occasion such as this.

  • What can we do about a neighbor who used to rent her house to an endlessly rotating group of students and interns but who now has it listed on air b and b as a nightly rental. It is being rented by groups of Maryland students who use it to throw parties and who don’t care AT ALL that this is a neighborhood. We call the cops. They respond. But every weekend it is a different group so… any ideas??

    • Try calling DCRA; they might have some regulations that apply.
      Also, it sounds like the problem isn’t so much that it’s an AirBnB rental as it is the people who are renting it. You could try complaining (anonymously?) to the landlord, or maybe even complaining to AirBnB that the landlord needs to do a better job of vetting renters.

    • You could also try the OTR. I’m not familiar with the specifics of DC’s hotel tax laws but I’m guessing they are not in compliance.

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