The Green Zone, Middle Eastern flavored cocktails – featuring new drinks, at Vendetta Thurs. the 4th and 18th


From an email:

“The Green Zone is back this Thursday the 4th, as well as Thursday the 18th of December, upstairs at Vendetta (1212 H St NE).

we’re featuring some new drinks:

-(one case only!) pale ale brewed in Lebanon with Lebanese herbs and spices
-a hot tea-and-rum drink…since it’s cold out.
-We’re also featuring Green Hat’s fall/winter gin, which they call Ginavit, in our signature Janissary Corps cocktail (made with pistachio syrup), now known as the Winter Janissary.
-a smoky cocktail made with Turkish honey

And of course, our beloved Fuck ISIS! Punch and Saz’iraq will be back.

The fun starts at 6pm at Vendetta and goes until 1am.”