Salt and Pepper Grill III (Indian) Coming to former Chocolate Crust space

spg III

Very good news for Brightwood and north country. Thanks to a reader for sending the news about Salt and Pepper Grill III. Despite pleas to the neighborhood, Chocolate Crust closed (just south of Walmart) at the end of October. Salt and Pepper Grill II opened up a year ago at 14th and Shepherd St, NW. The original Salt and Pepper Grill is located at 2632 Georgia Ave, NW in Pleasant Plains. You can see their menu here.

Ed. Note: I just had Salt and Pepper Grill II delivered on Friday and it was freaking delicious.

5830 Georgia Ave, NW

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  • tonyr

    Salt and Pepper I and the 70 bus is my go- to Indian take-away. Unfortunately there are few other good options in town. Off to Rasika for my birthday so that’s splendid.

  • gotryit

    Now that might just work there. In fact, I’d put money on it if I could invest in them. As long as they keep up the quality of the food, the delivery will go nuts.

  • Yum! Love salt and pepper grill!

  • I am so excited about this! There are very few delivery options in Petworth, especially those of us that live close to New Hampshire and Missouri. Outside of Chinese (kind of gross), Dominos (meh) and La Villa Pizzeria (Amazing), there aren’t many options. Most of the places by the Petworth metro won’t deliver up here. 🙁

  • As a Brightwood Resident, I am so freaking happy!!! I’ve taking the ride down on the 70 a few times for Salt and Pepper Grill, and the food is great. Plus to have another delivery option in the neighborhood besides pizza and Chinese is awesome. I really think this place has a great chance of succeeding, and I can totally see going for a curry at Salt and Pepper and then a beer at Simple next door – awesome!!!

  • Feel great for Brightwood. You’ll love it! I live near Salt & Pepper II on 14th. I’d never eat there as the inside is horrible, but the food is great. Maybe Chocolate Crust (they really needed a more appealing name) will move down to Petworth by the metro. We desperately need a bakery! More foot traffic too.
    Now if only Salt & Pepper II would improve their 14th location, I’d eat inside the restaurant all there all the time! Bullet proof glass and flimsy card tables are a major turnoff. /:

  • Lamb vindaloo will melt your face. In a good way.

  • This has me excited. Never had them before, but the reviews I’m seeing online make it sound promising.
    I loved Chocolate Crust and went there when I could, but there were issues they just weren’t going to overcome. Having an Indian place in the neighborhood that delivers (that location/parking was a huge issue for Chocolate Crust) should set them on a good course for success. I’m looking forward to trying it out.

  • This is FANTASTIC news!! Thanks for coming to the neighborhood! Cannot wait!! We need good food up here!

  • BEST NEWS EVER. Salt and Pepper Grill is delicious and Brightwood is lacking good delivery.

  • Blithe

    Awesome, awesome news. I hope this does well. And I hope they keep expanding until they end up in my neighborhood!

  • gertie_wickler

    Sweet-sweetness! We love S&P Grill so much. The other two locations will deliver to us, but this being even closer should help with the delivery times maybe. Everyone should try their Pakora – amazing!

  • This is definitely one of the places I miss for delivery now that I’ve moved out of Columbia Heights…

  • Yum yum yum. I can’t wait! Open now please.

  • I can’t wait!! Power go to Columbia Heights to get take out regularly from SPGII, this is exactly what we need, affordable take out ethnic food that’s decent. When are they opening?!?

    Great post and pic, made my day!

  • Ha! Didn’t know we’re called “north country”…sometimes it feels like we in the boondocks out here…

    **My crystal ball is telling me of mistaken orders and irate customers, now that there will be two locations on Georgia Ave**

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