Nomad Yard “a vintage collaborative” Opens near Union Market

411 New York Ave, NE

Thanks to a reader for the heads up on Nomad Yard who opened october 31st near Union Market:

“curated by old|new collectiv, nomad yard is the collaborative and curatorial arm that works with vintage collectors, contemporary designers, crafters, makers and artists to inspire fresh ways of acquiring, retailing and valuing their goods.

our partners carry an ever evolving collection of carefully selected vintage and select contemporary clothing, accessories, shoes, books, antique + up cycled furnishings and hand crafted goods whose stories are deeply influenced by people, passion and possibility. nomad yard’s mission is to provide accessibility to quality goods through a combination of innovative exhibitions, stylized pop-ups and a new generation of retail centered around community. with combined experience of 35 years in fashion marketing and retail management; nomad yard’s team strives to develop collaboration amongst artists, collectors, crafters, vintage retailers and connoisseurs alike.

our vintage partners feature expertly curated, hand-picked wears from the likes of paganne, yves saint lauren, ossie clark, moschino, victor costa, escada, thea porter and jean muir, in additional to world vintage reflective of the diaspora.

our contemporary partners carry textiles + olive wood from tunisia, + up-cycled furniture and home decor elements + ceramics + pottery from nicaragua + tapestry, pillows, rugs from across the diaspora and more.


tuesday – sunday 11am – 7pm”




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  • It’s difficult to be a nomad and a hoarder at the same time, but it’s been done before.

  • Good to know they’re passionate about curating.

    • jim_ed

      Is curating the new artisinal? Can things be curated artisinally? Can artisnally curated goods be locavore AND seasonal? Can these artisinally curated seasonal locavore items be vintage if they’re pickled and put in a mason jar?

    • To be fair, owners of shops like these wade through a ton of crap before finding cool/interesting pieces to sell. They devoted lots of hours to estate sales, thrifting, internet scouring, etc.
      Still, “curated” is so overused it’s laughable. Anyone who claims to “curate” a restaurant menu, “drinks program,” or anything else that doesn’t involve sifting through crap should be shot for misuse of the English language.

  • justinbc

    Are they trying to compete with STK, Red Light, and Chaplin for most pretentious + buzz-wordy press release of 2014?

  • This looks awesome, goofy press release notwithstanding.
    Suggestion for another post – anyone know good sources in the area for more traditional furnishings and vintage pieces? Every house I see looks like a West Elm catalog – I refuse to do that.

    • There are a couple of markets near Frederick and at various small towns off I-70 that have older-style things. The names are escaping me at this point.

    • Miss Pixie’s on 14th, Goodwood and Millenium on U Street.

    • jim_ed

      Rough n Ready at 14th and Decatur is a treasure trove of stuff if you have the patience to sort through it. We recently bought a beautiful wood bookcase there for cheap. Modern Mobler on Georgia Ave just north of Walter Reed if you like mid century modern and have finer tastes. If you’re looking for new furniture with more traditional styling, we’ve been incredibly happy with the pieces we’ve bought from Furniture Discount Center in Ft. Washington – they carry great old brands like Vaughan-Bassett, Mobel, Hooker, etc.

      • Love Ruff ‘n Ready. Always bring cash, you get a discount.
        Bentley’s on Upshur is small, but good and they can deliver.
        And, of course, Craig’s List.

    • justinbc

      GoodWood on U St, Foundry near H St

    • Besides other stores already mentioned, there is Foundry, which moved from U St and I think is looking for a new home. Also, get out of the city. There are great barn sales between Fredrick, MD and Leesburg, VA. Check out Chartreus & Co for their monthly sales and, of course, The Old Lucketts Store. Both offer lots of diff styles at diff price points. Lucketts is open most days but both have once/twice a month sales with tons of outside venders setting up shop on their grounds.

      I’ve been saying it forever, DC needs something like this: This place in Indy is boss.

      If anyone wants to help fund me, I’ll “curate” it!

    • Awesome – haven’t heard of most of these. Thanks all!

  • “Wears” as a noun plural, synonym for clothing?? I don’t think so.
    “[W]orld vintage reflective of the diaspora” — umm, which diaspora? The Jewish Diaspora? The African Diaspora? A different diaspora??

  • There is a good online store based in DC thats worth visiting – – pretty good stuff.

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