Inside Video of Columbia Heights Burglary in Progress, Persons of Interest Sought by MPD

Thanks to all who emailed, tweeted and facebooked us.

From MPD:

“The Metropolitan Police Department seeks the public’s assistance in identifying three persons of interest in reference to a Burglary II incident which occurred on Wednesday, November 26, 2014, between 11:57 AM and 12:33 PM in the 1100 block of Euclid Street, NW. The subjects were captured by the home’s surveillance camera.

Anyone who can identify these individuals or who has knowledge of this incident should take no action but call police at (202) 727-9099 or text your tip to the Department’s TEXT TIP LINE at 50411.”

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  • Omg!! I am pretty sure I hooked up with that guy with the dreads in 2013.. I can’t remember his name, but oh I wish I did! Get him boys!

  • This is absolutely awful, but I am SOOO glad that they left the cat alone. One of my greatest fears about getting robbed is that robbers might hurt my animals or leave the door/window open, allowing the cats to run out. I hope they catch these guys soon!

    • binpetworth

      +1. When my home was burgled several years ago, that was my first concern as well. Thankfully my kitty curled up in her favorite hiding place in the box spring mattress and was too afraid to try and escape. I hope these fools get caught soon!

    • +1000. My wife and I have two cats and whenever we are out of town (or even just out of the house) the thing that worries me most is what would happen to them if someone broke in or if there were a fire.

    • to their credit, they seem to be rather polite as burglars go – no unnecessary destruction, and it seems like one guy closes the door at a point in the fully video so the cat won’t run into the hallway. hope they catch them soon, but it’s nice to see they’re not entirely terrible people (just mostly).

  • Pablo Raw

    Wow, looks like they found the key under the mat?

  • SMDH! So what the hell were they looking for? I am not trying to be funny but these clowns have to be the worst burglars ever. I hope they all get caught which with this tape, I am sure they will.

  • I hope they catch these idiots!

  • Will never understand the minds of people who think they can just take whatever they want. hope they’re caught!

  • And the positive side of things, what amazing quality. Dropcam nest? Is the cam inside the thermostat.

    • That’s what we need to know! The placement of the camera and the quality of the footage will hopefully lead to arrests.

    • This video is like a commercial for Dropcam! Excellent footage and obviously an inconspicuous device since the idiots pretty much mugged full face for the camera!

      • They apparently took the camera, but the footage loads to the cloud. Outsmarted again! I just bought a place and totally plan to get one. This footage has me absolutely terrified.

  • Chilling. Frightening to think how they would have reacted if they encountered someone inside of the apartment.

  • I thought it was odd they didn’t have a bag to carry stuff out with. I guess they were only looking for small electronics they could put in their coats? They seem to be looking for whatever Mac/Ipad/Phone connected to the plug they saw….

    • When my place got broken into they used pillow cases to haul off the goods. From what I gather this is standard operating procedure.

    • Yup, I’ve experienced burglary here and in North Carolina, and both times they swiped a piece of luggage to carry stuff away in.

      Also, I’m pretty sure most burglars attempt to find a place where people aren’t, they want your stuff generally, and don’t want to commit a violent offense if they can avoid it. Both of my burglaries took place during the day when I wasn’t home, and they knew it. It was disturbing and violating, but stuff is just stuff.

  • I feel terrible for the homeowners, of course. That’s the worst feeling, knowing someone has been in your space. But for entertainment’s sake, I kind of wish there was audio.

  • Anyone else think this is a little odd? They appear to be looking for something specific, pacing back and forth, flipping the couch cushions, but not picking up anything really.

    • Agreed. That is what I said. Very odd.

      • well if you came to my house when I was out of town, you’d probably do the same thing. I don’t have valuable jewelry and my smartphone and laptop would be with me. You could take the crappy portable DVD player attached to the TV, but they retail for so little it might not be worth it. And there’s a box of change, but I’ve raided all the quarters for parking so it’s probably only a few bucks and very heavy. If these people were similar I could see the thieves not wanting to take junk and just looking for valuable stuff.

      • Depends on the burglars. These guys look like relatively well dressed pros, probably looking for high end portable electronics. If you have 1) someone desperate for money to buy drugs 2) stupid kids, they’ll take your spare change. They took mine.

    • They want small portable but valuable stuff. They may have been tipped off by someone at a retailer after the owner bought some big ticket phone, etc., which would have gotten them the unit number in the condo. The only time I’ve been burgled was just after buying a new tv and my first vcr (it was that long ago–VCR!). It was just a few days after I’d bought those two items and it was a forcable entry during the day. I always figured that someone at the store tipped them off. The boxes were not disposed in a conspicuous way and would not have had my address.

  • Thank you sooooo much for posting, PopVille! I hope we can catch these guys before they break into someone else’s place, or worse, hurt someone! And, thanks everyone for sharing this story and for being on the lookout! Luckily I had purchased the Dropcam Pro with cloud recording. It really is like they had a specific purpose for being there. It seems like someone in the building knew them, when we wouldn’t be home, and had told them what to look for, so they had no care in the world! For those of you interested, here is a link to the full video with audio (about 10 1/2 minutes) showing how long it took them to get the door open.

    • I have to imagine you have some idea of what they were searching for. They even opened the freezer and the fridge!

      • Folks sometimes stash money or other valuables in the fridge,.. as well as tasty things. My friend’s place was burgled in NYC over the holidays a few years ago, and the dudes stopped to have lunch.

        • When our house was broken into when I was a kid, they took their time (looked in every air vent) and stopped to have a meal, then left the dirty dishes on the counter. We were out of town, but our house sitter got there early in the morning and our newspaper was gone, so they’d been there only hours earlier. Very disconcerting.

    • Did you have your dropcam hidden or was it out for them to stare at? (Just wondering because they all got so close to it?

  • Seriously, OP. Tell us more about your Drop Cam. How do you have it set up? It’s like these guys can’t even see it.

  • **Please read: our house on 13th and Euclid NW was also robbed on November 13th between 9 am – 6 pm and a lot of valuables (not just about the $$) were stolen from all 5 of us.

    We believe these guys may be the same ones. They were smart, but clearly not smart enough because of this footage.

  • Seriously, how did they stand outside a door in a condo building with a crowbar for that long and not have anyone notice? Strange.

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