Gallagher & Graham Liquor Store Turned Out Really Nice at 12th and U St, NW


Last week Gallagher & Graham opened but I finally peeked inside. It’s a bit smaller than I thought but really turned out nicely. I was told “the architect was Bernard Matze who recently returned to Argentina and the contractors/carpenters were Patriot Construction of VA.”


1939 12th St, NW just south of U Street

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  • I wish they had used the money that they spent on the architect to buy a more interesting selection of booze. What they carry is really boring and can be found anywhere, frankly. I’ll take the bare-bones but well-stocked Batch 13 over this new place any day.

    • Seriously — it is a fairly bland selections of liquors. The owner had never heard of amaro, nor did they have any on the shelves. He said they were taking recommendations on what to stock, so maybe the selection will get better with time. This is the way the world works now: crowdsourced content creation, rather than developing expertise and sharing it with the masses. But it makes me wonder why the owners wanted to open a fine liquor store if they knew nothing about fine liquors.

    • Exactly. I can see going to a place like this for a special bottle I couldn’t find anywhere else. But this would not be my everyday liquor store.

    • EXACTLY. Was such a let down! With a store this nice, you have got to have better inventory. Batch 13 it is.

  • Patronized twice already. Reasonable prices, and they have the basics, which is what I needed. Happy to have them in the neighborhood.

  • Know the owner. Super super nice guy and wish him well. Though, I think his interest was in drinking whatever was put in front of him, much more than having any real expertise about fine liquors, wines, and beers. I guess he’ll learn from his customers.

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