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  • Especially since the PSAs keep urging you to call or text metro police, but at most points in the system I have absolutely no signal.

    • In the tubes, no big deal, but there’s at least a few stations in the core I get no or little signal in. Archives and Farragut North seem to be dead zones for Verizon.

      • No service at all in Farragut North for AT&T either.

      • Also, Pentagon seems to be 3G only, and very low capacity at that. Whenever the platform is packed, the connection is terrible. Really annoying when the PIDs and announcements are telling you nothing but there’s clearly a delay of some sort. Twitter is invaluable for figuring out if it’s something minor or full system meltdown.

        • You know that the Pentagon is right? You really wouldn’t expect good wireless in the station if you had any sense.

    • +1 to this so hard

  • In the 2008 passenger rail legislation, Congress mandated that WMATA have wireless capability throughout its system within four years, but subsequent annual appropriations riders have relieved WMATA of that mandate if they instead chose to spend their money on safety upgrades. I believe that this rider was in response to the Red Line crash and the many significant safety deficiencies identified by the NTSB and FTA. That’s at least part of the story. I too remember reading about issues with the contractors and manufacturers.

  • Hello – I posed the original question to PoPville and have a minor update. After sending in the question, I reached out to the four carriers via twitter and WMATA via an official contact form. WMATA called me back (I was surprised) a day later to state that it is completely up to the carriers to finish the work and all WMATA provides is the safety escort. No word from any of the carriers, but the CEO of Sprint did say they are ‘working on it.’

    One day we will have function data…. one day.

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