Anyone Missing a Bunny?


“Dear PoPville,

A friend of mine in the building we live noticed a white bunny behind our building earlier this week, usually wouldn’t think anything of it, but we’ve seen it now almost a half dozen times (picture attached). Additionally we aren’t close to any “big” green space, except Meridian Hill Park and even then, I’ve rarely if ever seen a bunny there.

Anyway, someone has set up a makeshift box/home for it behind our building on the minimal grass we have. I figured I would send it your way to see if anyone was missing a bunny. I really don’t think it’s a wild bunny as it’s shown up so much. If we don’t find the owner I’ll notify the Humane Society if the bunny shows again.”

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  • Definitely notify the Humane Society- it’s going to be cold again tomorrow and that is not a wild rabbit which would be used to the cold/have a safe place to go.

    • Please try to safely trap this little guy and turn him in to the Washington Humane Society. The cold tomorrow would not be good for him. He obviously either escaped, or someone probably got him for Easter and dumped him when the novelty wore off- so sad. Please do try to help him, though. Thanks.

      • Yep, that’s my guess. Dumped when he wasn’t cute anymore.

        • Ally

          That’s what happened to my rabbit, Danger Powers (I know, awesome name). He was one of the rabbits featured in the Humane Society’s PSAs. Apparently some jerk discarded him in his cage — no food or water — in an alley in Southeast in the middle of Summer. Luckily someone brought him to the Humane Society and he had a good run after all that mess.

        • Oh c’mon… I completely disagree. Bunnys are always cute. 🙂

  • epric002

    you can also post on the lost & found dogs DC metro area fb page, and definitely please call the WHS at 202-576-6664 (option 2). they can likely set a trap up.

  • OP Here –

    Called The Humane Society/Animal Control and apparently quite a few people have called about the bunny. Hopefully they will send someone out soon!

    I’ll keep PoPville updated if I learn of anything.

    • Is this in Columbia Heights in someone’s yard? If so, I’ve seen it there before, at least a year ago IIRC.

  • I called the Humane Society a couple weeks ago about him and they said they’d send someone over that day. I guess either that didn’t happen or they couldn’t catch him. It might be best if someone did try to catch him and bring him in. I actually tried back then but he was very quick and hid under the dumpster. I don’t have any bunny experience so maybe somebody who does might have better luck.

  • It is so nice to see everyone’s concern about this rabbit. Volunteers from the local chapter of the House Rabbit Society came out on Sunday and rescued him. He will receive vet care and be fostered in a home in DC until he is adopted.

    Once he is available for adoption, you will be able to find him on

    Adopt, don’t shop 🙂

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