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  • My first thought was that this probably doesn’t mean anything – maybe it’s just a chalkboard they never bothered to erase from it’s previous use. But then again I can’t think of a steakhouse that used chalkboard art to peddle its wares, so maybe this is a sign they will indeed go downmarket from something like Ray’s the Steaks. Guess we’ll see in due time.

  • SFT

    Am I the only one that’s not super impressed wtih Ray’s Hell Burger? I think it’s a fairly good burger, but not worth the price. I just ate at Rays to the third and for $20 (with fries and a drink) I expected more. Maybe my expectations were too high!

  • When the guy had one little steakhouse ten years ago, it was a big deal. The steaks were most likely the best around, and very reasonably priced at that. Now I wonder if he’s spread himself a little too thin.

  • I’ll agree with Jamal about the “spread too thin” sentiment, though I think that was a valid criticism of him a couple of years ago. Not so much these days. He had Hell Burger, Hell Burger Two, Rays the Steaks, Rays the Classics, and Rays to the third, and was working on a couple of other concepts (seafood joint) as well. Now he’s down to just RTS and Rays to the third, which is essentially Hell Burger. I think he had to pull back quite a bit and he’s trying to keep things simple. I still go to RT3/Hell Burger every now and then and I think it’s just as good as it ever was, which in my opinion was the best in Virginia. But in the city, you can get a superior burger at other places. Dino at 9th and U comes to mind.

    • I will have to check out Dino at 9th and U. I don’t eat burgers much anymore but I do like to try whatever is supposed to be the best whatever food in the city.

      • Shedding a tear for Palena here. That was a damn good burger.

        • RIP PALENA BURGER…didn’t wanna mention it cause I knew I’d fall into a deep depression. Try the Dino burger, Burger master. Different kind of burger but it helped me cope with the loss. Sriracha-anchovy aioli…

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