Which Wich Superior Sandwiches coming to 1025 Vermont Ave, NW just North of K Street

1025 Vermont Ave, NW

This is the former home to Quiznos then Cafe Mediterranean and Homestead Creamery. Which Wich also has a new DC location coming to the renovated GSA building at 18th and E St, NW. Both locations are listed as coming soon on Which Wich’s website. You can see Which Wich’s menu here. Updates when opening dates are announced.

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  • Recently tried Which Wich when I was in San Diego and they are superior. This will be one of the best sandwhich places in town.

  • Mediocre sandwich chain from sprawlburg land. Just what the neighborhood needs.

  • Yum. I had it out in denver years and wondered if they would ever make to it DC

  • brookland_rez

    They’re opening one also on F St, between 18th and 19th.

  • I LOVE Which Wich! Very exciting.

  • What makes the sandwiches so good? They look fairly average, to be honest.

    • I’ve had these a few times because there’s an outpost in the terminal of the airport I use to visit my family. I can’t imagine eating there if I had better options, which is basically every other option. They’re pretty standard-issue sandwiches, a bit like Potbelly, but with more options for customization. The big draw, I think, is that they’re pretty affordable.

    • lindz0722

      I’d agree they’re more on the Potbelly level in terms of ingredient quality than Subway. I also like that you order by writing down what you want and then they make it for you, instead of trying to communicate in an assembly line. Have had Which Wich in TN a couple of times and quite like it!

  • While I’m all for new joints that actually have good food, I really hope they don’t squeeze out Juice Joint. JJ is one of my favorite places in the city.

    • Doesn’t seem like a direct competitor. The only thing that could squeeze out juice joint is their ridiculous prices, which at this point many people seem to be willing to pay, so I guess I’m just stingy.

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