Newton’s Noodles abruptly closes Downtown “moving to a new location”

1129 20th Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

I went to get lunch at Newton’s Noodles today and they were closed during prime lunch hours without any activity inside or a sign on the door. I am bummed because I love this place. Any idea about what’s going on? It reads like the signs of a business closing to me.”

Newton’s Noodles opened with much fanfare back in October 2013. In response to a query on their facebook page, Newton’s Noodles wrote on November 17th:

“We are moving to a new location. A little smaller of a space that supports both a lunch and dinner business. More info to come shortly.”

Stay tuned.

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  • The Bethesda restaurant Newton’s Table, which was the original place, just announced they were closing and turning into a BBQ restaurant. Same owner though.

  • You open a restaurant like this on K Street, and you’re going to get very little dinner business. With no residential in the area, it’s hard to keep a sustaining business.

    • The other lunch places in the area seem to do OK for the most part. The issue was it was always empty and its probably a volume business. The noodles were good, but about 2 dollars overpriced. If the large was priced like the regular size, I think they could have done well, but getting the large size, with tax, came to like $13, which made it hard to compete with all the other options in the area

  • Bring it to 14th Street. There is still a demand for quick serve restaurants for the folks that don’t want to go to a restaurant but don’t want to cook in. There is no competition in the noodle category currently except for larger Thai restaurants and that is not always quick enough.

  • They were also getting paid by some of the nearby places that did breakfast (Starbucks, Panera) not to open for breakfast themselves. Guess the cut they got from those places combined with lunch revenue wasn’t enough. Too bad though, I liked that place.

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