New Restaurant, Sussex Drive, coming to DC, likely in Adams Morgan


Word on the street is that these guys are close to signing a lease on 18th Street in Adams Morgan – updates on the location when confirmed.

From a press release:

“Its not just celebrity chefs looking to contribute to the growth of the DC food scene; Chef Adam McFarland has returned to Washington to helm the kitchen of the upcoming Sussex Drive. Departing nearly five years ago, McFarland has been busy in New York City where he was mentored by Chef Michael Anthony and held coveted positions at Gramercy Tavern and Maysville. As the opening chef de cuisine of Maysville, his leadership helped garner critical praise including a glowing two stars in The New York Times.

McFarland is joined by industry-veteran Amy Troutmiller (Urbana, WestEnd Bistro) to bring Sussex Drive to life. Troutmiller will oversee the restaurants operation. Well known for her prowess in wine and bar programs, she also brings exceptional leadership, financial acumen and a passion for personalized service. The restaurants namesake is the street on which her mother was raised and where her first and fondest food experiences began. Troutmiller and McFarland are a dynamic team that should quickly impact the dining landscape of the city.

An upscale-casual, full-service concept, Sussex Drive will share with its guests an authentic story about the ingredients that surround us, presenting rustic fare with finesse. Seasonally-inspired cuisine, prepared with the freshest ingredients from farms, creameries, orchards and the Chesapeake Bay will be complemented by a unique approach to hospitality. With gracious service and a welcoming atmosphere, Sussex Drive will be Washington’s next quintessential neighborhood-gathering place.

“Washington, DC is an exciting place for chefs and diners.” says McFarland. “The region provides a bounty of resources that we will celebrate through every dish.”
Troutmiller adds, “Our community is a cultural tapestry, such is the bedrock of American cuisine. Adam has an ability to present familiar flavors and ingredients in new ways that excite your senses.”

The pair are currently in negotiations to secure a lease and intend to open in late Spring. The neighborhoods of Adams Morgan and Mount Vernon Square are in consideration, but they are keeping their options open until something is finalized. Among some of the plans are a wood-burning oven, space for private events and a cozy lounge.

Sussex Drive was selected to be a launch concept for Equity Eats and is currently offering equity for investments through the start-up. Information for investors can be found at, at or by emailing [email protected] As of release, Sussex Drive has received $340,000 of their needed $970,000 pledged.”

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  • Coming soon to Washington DC: food, the new literary genre!

    I for one am truly excited to hear an authentic story about the ingredients that surround us. Chicken, for example. Will we hear about chicken? About its thrilling caged chicken life, and the exciting but ultimately tragic drama of its trip to the butcher? Or perhaps the story of rice?

  • Sounds wonderful! Come join the neighborhood in Adams Morgan!

  • Maysville and Char No. 4 are both relatively overrated. Especially coming from Kentucky, where bith restaurnts are themed after. The Derby on Stanton is a better bet in the city. I wouldnt expect too much.

    • They may be overrated, but if they are, the bar that they are failing to reach is incredibly high. Both restaurants would stand out in DC’s dining scene, and offer better food and drink (at comparable value) to DC places like Corduroy, Table, etc.
      In related news, I’m ecstatic to see more places like this come (knock on wood) to AdMo. As 14th Street and Shaw have released the douchebag/vomit/stabby pressure from AdMo, we’re seeing better restaurants with a real commitment to food. For those inclined to sensationalism, no, that doesn’t mean I want a street full of “small plates” – it means I don’t want a street full of jumbo slice and bars that do 95% of their business between 9pm-4am two days a week.

  • Adams Morgan’s been on a roll lately. The Lautrec building will be a new restaurant from the Sakuramen guys so that leaves the old Left Bank/Slaviya space (my guess) or the old Ghana Cafe space.

  • Yes! Come to Adams Morgan! We need more solid neighborhood spots like the excellent Mintwood Place…

  • They’re going to radicalize the DC dining scene, they just don’t know where yet. It’s a good thing she’s got financial acumen though, that’s about the only positive experience one could have gained from West End Bistro.

  • Well I do like places that try to get their food locally, it does sound like this place might put more emphasis on style than substance. Hopefully it won’t make a “show” about their story of food and have the actual product be lacking. While I do like a nice ambiance, I’d rather have quality good food especially considering this place sounds like it might be on the pricey side.

  • Am I the only one that visualizes the “is the chicken local?” bit from Portlandia?

  • the slaviya/left bank space would seem prime, but who knows the condition or size of that kitchen.

  • Does anybody else but me think of Ottawa?

  • I’m anxiously awaiting the next trend: non-local, non-seasonal restaurants. Chilean strawberries in January! Washington apples in May!

  • austindc

    I will just call it Sex Drive for short.

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