$3.9 Million Sale – highest residential sale ever in Logan Circle

Photo via google street view

The Washington Post reported:

“The 1885 rowhouse at 1322 Vermont Ave. NW in the District sold Monday for $3.9 million. It is the highest residential sale ever in Logan Circle, according to a TTR Sotheby’s spokesperson.”

Can’t believe I never made this a house porn – thankfully we can still see the virtual tour here.

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  • If the kegerator in the living room conveyed, definitely a deal.

  • I Dont Get It

    Beautiful house on one of the prettiest blocks in DC but geez, someone has a serious tchotchke addiction (is that rifle hanging on the wall???).

  • What a weird place and bizarre decor. It reminds me of a group house, circa 1915.

  • Destined to be chopped into little condos…

    • It seems unlikely at that price.

    • Care to make a wager on that? Because I think you’re completely wrong. It seems to me developers usually prefer to buy cheap places with significant flaws and chop them to pieces and rehab. I don’t think the economics of it work out very well for real estate that’s this expensive and in this good of shape.

    • I think it’s possible, but not certain. I looked at a little 1br fixer-upper a couple of doors down from there in 2010ish and it was going for ~350k at that point. I think they could easily get 50-100k more for it now, and I think there were about 8-10 units in the building. Depending on the number of units and the amount spent on rehab, it could be a money maker as condos. Or someone with a lot of money could have bought it as a single-family home. If I had that kind of money to spend on a home, that’s probably where I’d want to live.

      On a related note, I really wish I had bought that 1br fixer-upper.

      • My thought is that someone who wants to live in an 11 bedroom home will probably locate in McLean, Foxhall, Great Falls, Potomac or other suburban areas of that sort. This could be one of the few exceptions but I’m not exactly sure what amenities in Logan are worth paying $4M to live near.

        • I think that most would, yeah. But I think the main amenity of living here is close proximity to downtown, restaurants and shopping. You can walk to so, so many things. The downside of all of the places you mentioned is that you have to deal with traffic to get into the city. I’m guessing there’s at least one super rich person or family who would pay a premium to avoid that.

        • What amenities are in McLean, Foxhall, Great Falls, or Potomac? I think of those places as amenity deserts.

        • That’s dopey. Not all rich people prefer to live in boring suburbs. The only thing remarkable here is that it’s a couple blocks east of neighborhoods where such prices are more common. You are aware that there have long been rich people in the mansions in Dupont, Kalorama, Georgetown, etc?

          • @Shawness – There may be at least one rich person or family looking to avoid that… but there are also many, many developers looking to snatch up 9000 square feet (plus a potential option to build out over the terrace) a block from Logan Circle.
            @Anonymous – There are a lot of amenities in those areas …. larger lots, access to country clubs, storage for cars, privacy from neighbors, better views, close proximity to everything in NoVA, DC and Bethesda, etc. I love a good cocktail bar five minutes walk away but not everyone desires that. In fact most people don’t which explains why 95% of this region’s population lives outside central DC.
            @Jay – very true, which is why I’m not ruling out that it could be a rich person or family, just in my opinion unlikely. Georgetown and Kalorama are also not “a couple blocks” from Logan Circle … it’s more like a couple miles (give or take), and those neighborhoods have the cachet and prestige of being home to millionaires which is one reason millionaires settle there. Another reason is proximity to private schools most of which are west of RCP. Maybe this is a turning point for more rich families to move into Logan Circle, but on the other hand take look at the recent property sales of large rowhomes in the area – most are being sold for conversions.

    • Not a chance. I’m guessing ~$500k worth of updates and that’s it.

  • clevelanddave

    Well, one thing we can say for sure: it wasn’t staged!

  • Didn’t the Aaron Shipman House just sell? I think that was a higher price.

    • It was still under contract when I walked by yesterday morning.

    • I believe the “residential” distinction is the key term here. A B&B wouldn’t be considered a residential sale and this house probably isn’t zoned for operating as a B&B.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Oooh I need that bird platter on the mantle to go with the dead bird picture I’m going to inherit.

  • epric002

    holy americana. also, do we think they have enough rugs?

  • At that price point, cant the owners declutter for the photos? Im assumng thats a house for people who love to entertain. Although that kitchen is pretty crappy for that price.

    • “At that price point, cant the owners declutter for the photos?”
      At that price point, do they really need to?

      • Probably not, since $4M homes are pretty unheard-of in this neighborhood. If someone wants to buy one, they’ll buy it. It’s not like in Manhattan where $4M homes are a dime a dozen.

  • I wonder if the last sales price is available < $1,000,000 if it was pre 1999?

    • Oh Redfin, it says the last sale was in 1997 for exactly $1 million.

      • I’m so entranced by the house’s decor. Here’s my wager. A 30’s something inherited money and decor from their great grandmother. So they bought the house and stocked it with their great grandmothers estate. The keg in the living room (their only purchase)… The white refrigerator, the mattress on the floor, the high end details with the low end furniture. I want to study these owners and know their story.

        • The Buyer was identified in the Post Comments Section. She’s Mary Martin’s Grandaughter, (ergo Larry Hagman’s niece) as well Step Dad was Houston Oil Tycoon. DC Blueblood as well.

      • Overpriced, even back then. This was straight up junkie and prostitute ‘hood back in 1997. I couldn’t imagine paying $1 million for that.

  • Ha! I was at a party here once, my friends used to “house sit” for the owners.. It’s A LOT of house..

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