Good News if You’re Taking the Bus to BWI Airport over the coming holidays

Photo by PoPville flickr user washingtonydc


“For the benefit of holiday travelers, Metro will offer 80 additional trips on the B30 route between Greenbelt Metrorail Station and Baltimore Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport on November 26, 29, 30, and December 19.

Click on the dates below for specific schedule information (pdf) for the additional trips.

Combined with the regular schedule, these additional trips will provide Metrobus Route B30 service every 20 minutes between 8:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. on these four days.

A special $7 express fare using SmarTrip, CharmCard or cash is charged on Route B30. The fare is $3.50 for seniors and persons with disabilities.”

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  • No thanks, $11 one way Amtrak tickets (if you planned ahead) are much less time and hassle. And MARC is only $6 one way as well. Both options leave from Union.

    • If you live on the green line, this option is fantastic. I’ve taken it a bunch of times and while I love Marc and Amtrak for taking me to BWI after work (I work on the red line) this is great for getting home. I can get home from BWI in the same amount of time as driving there with the B30 and green line.
      I have also taken this on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Wow. Even with more buses it’s a huge crush. So, it’s obviously in high demand by a lot of people.

  • That seems nice/wise of WMATA to offer… but no increased service for the 5A bus to Dulles?

    • Increasing Dulles bus service would make more sense, IMO. Until the Silver Line metro runs there, bus and shuttles are the only (cheap) ways to get there. Whereas the Marc and Amtrak lines run through New Carrolton, which is not that far from Greenbelt. So adding more BWI bus lines to an already well-served area seems like a waste.

    • WMATA doesn’t need to increase bus service to Dulles. The fastest and easiest way to get there now is to take the Silver Line to Wiehle and then transfer to the Washington Flyer-operated Silver Line Express Bus which is $5 and comes every 20 mins.

      • Ahh, so Washington Flyer’s bus is now $5 each way rather than $13 like before, when it went to East Falls Church? (Or maybe it was even more than that?)
        It bugs the hell out of me that the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) has always done its best to conceal the existence of the 5A Metrobus between Dulles and Rosslyn/L’Enfant, and instead steers people to Washington Flyer (per its diabolical contract with them). The lack of signage at the L’Enfant Metro station doesn’t help.
        What’s the Metro fare from, say, L’Enfant Plaza to Wiehle-Reston? If you add in the cost of _getting_ to Wiehle-Reston, I suspect the Metrorail + Washington Flyer bus option comes out to be more expensive than the 5A bus.

        • Yeah, the old Washington Flyer coach bus ran from West Falls Church and was $10 one way or $18 round-trip. The new service uses non-coach (but still nice!) buses and cuts the fare in half since the ride is much shorter. But the headways are shorter now due to the trip time cutting in half.

          And yeah, the 5A bus at $7 will probably be cheaper no matter where you come from, since the fare at rush hour to Wiehle from L’Enfant (or anywhere downtown) is $5.90. Add the $5 Wash Flyer bus transfer on to that and you’re at $10.90 to get to the airport. But considering the much faster and reliable trip, more frequent service, and arguably more comfortable ride, I think it’s something many people will be willing to pay. I know I will!

          • Also consider that off-peak the fare to Wiehle drops to $3.60, making the Silver Line/Wash Flyer bus combo only $1.60 more than the 5A. For a faster and more reliable ride with shorter headways.

          • Hmm, interesting. I might even be tempted to try the Metrorail + Washington Flyer bus combination… but I still dislike how WMAA steers people to Washington Flyer and tries to hide the existence of WMATA’s airport buses.
            That’s also interesting that Washington Flyer is switching to non-coach buses. I thought that their use of coach-style buses (with luggage space underneath) was one of their few advantages — the buses that WMATA uses for the 5A and B30 really aren’t well-suited to their purpose. (The overhead luggage racks are so high up that they’re difficult to reach, and challenging to lift heavy luggage onto.)

  • Just curious – are airlines paying anything toward the Metro expansion to Dulles? They will certainly profit when transit to downtown DC is a straight easy shot.

  • Don’t care about the bus, but loving this picture of a Copenagen bus stop!

  • Nice picture of Nørrebrogade in Copenhagen. Just a couple of blocks from this bus stop is Relae – a great restaurant serving interesting cuisine which changes daily. It was recently voted 53rd best restaurant in the world.

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