Donate a Blanket or Pillow or #donate $10 to the Washington Humane Society and Get a Free Hot Dog and Beer from Ivy and Coney


From an email:

“For the rest of November until World Giving Day Tuesday December 2nd, Ivy & Coney will be doing a big charity push for The Washington Humane Society.

It’s really simple. Bring in either a blanket or pillow or give a minimum $10 using the #donate on our Twitter or Facebook Page, and as a thank you we will give you a Free Hot Dog & Beer! It’s one time per customer during the period so we encourage people to spread the word to others. We really want to raise as much money as possible or get as many blankets/pillows as possible for the animals.”

1537 7th Street, NW

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  • Yes, let’s “give the animals some love!” Except for the ones in the hot dogs, apparently…

    • That’s not fair. We give a ton of love to those delicious tube meat meals we serve. We love how they taste, too.

      • I think it’s perfectly fair! You’re doing more harm than good by giving away free meat while raising money for shelter dogs.

        I realize I’m not going to convince you to entirely change your business model (and I do honestly appreciate that you serve veggie dogs), but the “I love animals, except for the ones I’m used to eating” meme needs to die.

        • Any soap left from that box for the rest of us? Comments like this make me want to go eat 20 hot dogs while petting my rescue dog. Get over it.

        • Accountering

          I think its reasonable. Dogs and cats are pets. Farm animals are not. They are raised to be slaughtered, and they are delicious. Totally your choice not to partake, but the shtick about trying to make everyone else feel bad about it is tired and frankly a bit pathetic.

          • I’m not trying to make anyone feel bad – I’m concerned with the well being of the animals here, just like we’re all concerned about the well being of the shelter dogs. I’m just saying that an all-veggie dog fundraiser would be much more in the spirit of the thing, since we’re trying to help animals.

          • If the idea is “give something, get something [desirable]”, you have to offer something that people want. And veggie dogs are gross processed chemical weirdness.

  • Yea . . . very nice initiative but it would be great if the hotdogs were veggie dogs – else rather hypocritical and limited in reach.

  • Give us $10 to save the animals and in return we’ll grind up an animal and serve it to you in a bun!

  • I tried to donate pillows to the New York Ave. animal shelter a few weeks ago, and they told me they are no longer accepting them.

  • Wow, tough crowd. I try to do somethin’ nice for the little animals, and I get no respect!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Thanks for doing something nice for WHS! My cat, a WHS alum, and I appreciate it!

  • Wow guys, come off it. I guess no good deed goes unpunished. Ivy & Coney – I think this is really AWESOME of you and I will spread the word!!

  • How dare you try to keep animals warm while serving such cold beer!

  • This is great. As a volunteer with WHS, I’d just like to thank you so much for supporting such a great organization. I would note that towels are a much better option than pillows, since most of the dogs just rip them up. The best option is obviously the cash, which they will definitely put to good use. Thanks again!!

  • Dogs and cats are better than pigs and cows and especially better than chickens.

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