City Market at O Holiday Tree Lighting Event Friday Night

From a press release:

What: City Market at O Holiday Tree Lighting Event
When: November 21, 2014 6:30 – 8:30 pm
Where: 8th & O Street, NW

Join Roadside Development, the residents of City Market at O, and DC officials for the first annual Shaw Holiday Tree Lighting on November 21, 2014. The event is also a celebration of City Market at O’s one-year anniversary.

The community program will feature live performances, free family activities and crafts, performances by local artists, and the tree lighting ceremony.

The event includes a toy drive to benefit the Children’s National Medical Center Holiday Toy Store, a pop-up store within the hospital during the holidays so parents can shop for presents for their children who are patients. The store also has items that children can buy for their parents. Roadside Development will supplement the toy drive with a cash donation.

City Market at O is also providing support for the Goodwill at The Grill, an annual community Thanksgiving breakfast, hosted by the Florida Avenue Grill. Revenue generated from the sales at the Anniversary Celebration will be donated to Florida Avenue Grill’s signature event on November 25 that benefits hundreds in the community.

Event Timeline:
• 6:30 -8:30pm: Public event and tree lighting
• 6:45pm: Special performances, speeches, and tree lighting”

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  • Just to get this out of the way preemptively: yes, there is plenty of foot traffic here at all times, and yes, the buildings have plenty of occupants!
    Also, I’m kind of looking forward to this event. And the rumor that Equinox may be coming to the vacant area on the development’s west side is still awesome. I hope it’s true!

    • Good pre-emptive defense of this busy area and yes this sounds like a nice event. What little bird whispered of Equinox to thee, and do you mean the 9th St side btw o and p? That’s some wild scuttlebutt.

      • Lisa, the scuttlebutt was on a recent RRRR thread, and yes it’s for the 9th St side! I can’t verify it, but do know the ANC discussed changing the zoning for it at the last meeting.

  • Holiday tree?

    Look, I’m the last person to criticize people for being PC, but come on. It’s a f”cking Christmas tree. Call it a Christmas tree.

    • Couldn’t agree more.
      And THIS is the exact reason FOX news viewers and commentators go ape -sh*t over their imaginary “war on Christmas”. But it’s a Christmas tree….just like it’s an Easter basket.
      Call it what it is.

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