Big Police Presence at 5th and K St, NW


A reader writes:

“5th st nw between k and mass age appears to be locked down, with mass ave between 4th and 6th blocked. There were a lot of police units, some fire, and a few guys in fbi shirts.”

The (Mount Vernon) Triangle says an an “armed individual” was captured.

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  • From neighbor: Update on the police activity near my condo building. According to my concierge: A man wearing a mask and carrying bomb making material and heavy weaponry in his car was chased by police (apparently they had been following him for a while). Police crashed into his car to stop him, crashing right in front of my condo building garage entrance. Another unmarked car who was also chasing the suspect crashed into a cabbie creating a huge mess. The suspect was threatening to kill random people… I have not seen anything about it on the news…

    • That “unmarked car” was not a cop…it was a civilian who was struck by the guy who ran a red light while evading the cops. Believe me not the civilian’s choice or fault that “a huge mess” followed…most of which was the civilian’s only family car.

    • Holy crap.
      Definitely sounds like a domestic terrorist who was looking to cause some damage at the Concert for Valor. Messed up.

    • Stuff like this happens more often in DC than you’d think… They don’t report it because we’d be in a constant state of panic.

  • Wish they’d chase down the gun toting teen thug crews with such fervor! Nevertheless, Props to the cops on this one for sure….

  • And this has not been on the news?

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