Bardo Brewpub Welcomes Winter with Restored Building

1216 Bladensburg Rd, NE courtesy Bardo

From Bardo:

“Known for the largest beer garden in the city, Bardo Brewpub is opening in a new building. A structure located on the Bardo property has been refurbished and remodeled, and will open to the public Thursday, Nov 6th. The newly renovated interior boasts one hundred year old pine floors, brick walls and early century, press plate ceilings.

Research has shown that the only building permit granted to the address occured in 1914, making the structure 100 years old. “The building had really good bones, it just needed a little TLC”, commented Bardo spokesman, Andrew Stewart. “The brick walls had been covered in plaster for 70+ years and tar paper from a previous linoleum floor was stuck to the hardwood.”

A wide variety of GABF award winning house brews are available in pints and pitchers as well as growlers. Bardo is 100% dog friendly every day with 15,000 square feet in our beer garden to roam off leash. Located at 1216 Bladensburg rd NE, Bardo has cornhole, big screen movie viewings/sports and is available for private parties/fundraisers, large and small, with no charge for the space.”

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  • I guess this means they’ll be moving their taps into this building? Their brews are still sort of hit or miss but the ones that are good (Dremo, Imperial Brown esp) are definitely worth four bucks.

  • “GABF award winning house brews”??? Their last GABF medal was 17 years ago in 1997. They have a significant amount of work to do before they’d even be considered a contender in today’s competition.

  • I like this space a lot, and it’s great that they’re so dog friendly. The beers are decent, but it’s mostly the overall vibe of the place that I’ll go back for. Excited to see the building.

  • The neighbors HATE this building. It’s right next to a church and open on Sundays, belches smoke into an old folks’ home, extremely loud (it’s an outdoor bar) and always full of drunk white 20-somethings who bike into the neighborhood but don’t live there or have any stake in its well-being.

    • Insert gentrification argument here, now move on…

    • You totally just gave me an excuse to go drink on Sundays now.

    • Clearly its necessary that more white 20 somethings move into the neighborhood 😉 (j/k)

    • How dare people bring business and positive attention to my neighborhood, for 17 years no less! And how dare they not respect my religion’s day of rest by not doing exactly as I do on that day! My word!

    • Everyone’s entitled to your opinion. I’m sure you’re just the messenger on this one, but complaining about people being young and white dilutes the argument. And how dare they bike to neighborhoods in which they don’t live!

      One city.

  • brookland_rez

    I remember when they first opened, the owner gave me a tour of the building and said they were going to refurbish it for an indoor area. Glad to see it happening.

  • S.W. Faran received a permit on June 26, 1935, to build a one-story store at 1216 Bladensburg Road NE. That building is the one in the photo that now houses Bardo.

    • Upon further reflection: It is really easy to find this out, so you just made up that “100 year old” crap. And I get that it is a tiny little harmless thing to lie about that might bring a couple customers through the door. So you said it. But if you are going to lie about the history of your building to make a couple bucks, what else are you lying about and what other corners are you cutting? It looks like a fun joint and I’d thought about maybe bringing a date out there, but wtf? I hate liars.

      • You just had a meltdown over the stated age of the structure? That date of yours is going to *love* you.

        • My date is crazy in love with me because she digs guys who call out a-holes who make sh1t up and pass it off as truth. Without having a meltdown. Yes, I’m calling you out again. Now take your “award winning house brews” and go home.

          • I want to state that I, the owner of Bardo, hereby ban Brian Kraft from bringing whatever poor soul Mr. Kraft tricks into a date to my bar.

  • Meh. I’m probably just getting old and grumpy, but I find everything about Bardo really underwhelming. Have they at least cleaned up the trash that was all over the lot awhile ago? Definitely not what I would call “dog-friendly” – or people-friendly, for that matter.

  • “tar paper from a previous linoleum floor was stuck to the hardwood” — that is almost always filled with asbestos champ. Here’s hoping you remediated that the right way.

  • I love this bar and think this city could use more large outdoor spaces like this. Unfortunately I’ve never seen it very crowded (so don’t think noise is really too much of an issue?) Hope it can last!

  • Wow – so much negativity. Do you people complain when the sun comes up as well? Bardo is a great spot with great beer – and no one wants anyone who is going to bitch and moan about simple shit there to ruin everyone else’s good time.

    Stay home and troll the internet – by yourself

  • This place is dog friendly until your dog finds that gap in the fence that people enter and exit through. Then, your dog is out and loose on bladensburg road. Good luck with that!!! Otherwise, its a great place!

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