What’s Going into the space next to Pearl Dive?

1614 14th Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

I searched and didn’t see any mention of the buildout that’s happening at 1614 14th St. NW next door to Pearl Dive. I found a PoP article when the building was for sale for $3m and then another touting the Caribbean food at the bodega next door. Just curious if you have any insight as to this space.”

I hear it’s going to be a frame store for pictures and paintings. Anyone else hear?

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  • I asked the guy who runs the corner store and he said a carpet/flooring store. Not too excited about that if it comes to be.

    • Accountering

      Meh, this is good stuff. Neighborhood serving stuff. Much prefer the people living in these expensive condos have options to spend their money locally, creating jobs and sales taxes, as opposed to having to buy everything on the internet on in VA/MD. This seems like a great thing for the neighborhood.

      • I can’t imagine it will be that different than the flooring store next to Amsterdam falafel. Unless they go highend and then there’s Timothy Paul’s. Just doesn’t excite me. No biggie.

        • Accountering

          Fair enough – every store can’t work for everyone, and I freely admit to having no clue about the flooring store options in Logan area 🙂

    • Why not? Does everything have to be a restaurant/cafe? As someone doing work on my house, I would actually like to see more places like this in the city.

      • I hear you and agree. I simply asked myself how often would I use a flooring store? Not very and i own a house right across the street. Maybe every decade or so? A shoe store or something like that would interest me more.

  • I was told by the contractor that it will be a flooring store with offices for a local restaurant group above.

  • I like the idea of something other than another high-end restaurant/bar combo. Not sure how often I’d frequent a flooring store, but I do like the idea of more home-improvement places in the area. I wish them luck!

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