Shooting in Hill East around 17th and Independence Ave, SE at 9:45 last night

From @DCPoliceDept:

“Shooting at 2144 hours in the 200 block of 17th St SE. No Lookout”

A reader writes last night:

“I heard six shots. One of the two gun shot victims was shot in the chest. He was alive and transported to the hospital. Police are still here in full force looking for guns and suspects. So scary, I had just been out walking my dog about 10 minutes before this.

We have a problem house at the corner of 17th and Independence SE where 10 or so guys loiter everyday selling drugs, but the police turn a blind eye. It appears that the shootout started at that house and progressed down 17th towards my house. So sad and scary.”

Update from MPD:

“At approximately 9:45pm last night, two individuals were in the area of 17th & Independence Ave Se when they sustained gunshot wounds. One victim was struck in the chest area and transported to a local hospital in stable condition. The other victim was struck in the shoulder area and was treated and released on the scene.

There are no suspects at this time and the details of the events leading to this incident are still being investigated by the First District’s Detective’s Office.”

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  • Thanks for posting. I live on 17th/C SE and saw the police working the crime scene last night. Hadn’t heard much detail until now. DC Police twitter didn’t have much info beyond the fact there was a shooting.

  • Ally

    Same here. I live at 16th/17th and A St SE and the police (though understandably busy at the crime scene) wouldn’t even tell us what had happened. Good to get some additional details and hope this was a one-time thing; I’ve lived there for ~7 years and the area has definitely improved.

  • The police just came to my home asking questions about what we heard and saw. I heard six shots and then saw a man lying in the ground bleeding with his group of boys around him. As soon as the police arrived they all took off. The police said both victims will survive and they have good information. But the bigger problem is the house at the corner of 17th and Independence, a group of guys hang out there at all times selling drugs and the police have done nothing about it for years, hopefully this incident forces them to try and clean up that house.

    • Ally

      Agreed. And glad to hear that both victims are likely going to make it. Thanks for the update.

    • I used to live in that area 5 years ago and apparently they are still hanging out there!

    • Any chance the guys at this house are related to the perpetual loitering between 15th & Independence and SE and 15th & A SE?

    • “…hopefully this incident forces them to try and clean up that house.” Hahahaha. Hahahahahahah. Hahahahahaha. Hahahahahahahaha, thunk, shwack. Sorry, fell out of my chair laughing.

      • I think Anonymous at 10:50 is right. The reality is, these kinds of shootings are tolerated as long as they don’t involve ‘regular’ people (i.e., the kinds of people who don’t scatter to the wind when their friend has been shot and lies bleeding out on the street). If it is just criminals shooting other criminals, that is apparently a tolerable status quo that works for the police and most of society.

  • I live right down the block on 17th and the only details I got were from the neighbor’s Twitter account.

    The reader is right – there are a group of guys, who I heard were from Maryland, hanging out on the corner selling drugs. And nothing has been done about it. I’m sorry to say this, but maybe now that someone was hurt the police will actually do something. Between the speeding on 17th St. and this group of guys, our street needs some attention.

    • Ally

      +1 on the speeding. I wish they’d put in a light at 17th and A SE. I’ve seen two horrific car crashes there, just in the last year or two.

      • Oh, there have definitely been more than that, at least 1 or 2 a month.

        The cars lining 17th block the visibility of drivers who are crossing on A st. It’s always the same scenario–oncoming traffic from 17th plows into the drivers side of the car crossing A.

    • Doubtful they’ll do anything about it. I lived in a different neighborhood, but very similar situation. 5 years, 3 major incidents, and nothing ever changed. There was a big shooting there this summer, and my old neighbors tell me it’s still the same old dealers dealing the same old drugs while the police look the other way.

  • Those were the sirens and police engines that I heard, I wondered.

  • Regarding the house that deals, leave an anonymous tip with your district and it will probably be passed on to a vice squad–police are only as good as the sources they have. If nothing happens, repeat.

  • I live at 17th and Independence and have lived here for over 8 years. This area has vastly improved in the last five years and I was really excited about the upward swing of things. These latest shootings in the area deeply sadden me and I am hoping that the neighborhood can work together to get the neighborhood headed in the right direction again. I agree all of this is stemming from the house at the corner of 17th and Independence and the loitering people. I ask as a frustrated neighbor if anyone and everyone who lives in this area or is walking by this block and sees this group hanging out, please call the police. Especially, please call them if you see them on the porch of 1704 as that house is empty and no one, let a alone a group, should be on the porch. Only as a joined voice do I think we can truly eliminate the issue and make our neighborhood safe again.

  • I watched the police activity after the shooting but i did not see any attempt from the police to question or search the house in the corner. Sorry to think that we will continue to see this kind of things in our neighborhood.

  • So, the police really are not likely to do anything. The neighborhood is improving on its own and the reality is that DCPD is stretched thin. I live on the block, and the real way to deal with this is a two-fold approach. First, as you can see, there is a constant stream of redevelopment in the area (the house across the street is being renovated now). So we need to entice a buyer to come in and flip the property. The second piece is more difficult–encouraging the owners there now to sell. In some places, nuisance lawsuits. This can be a pain in the neck, but it can work–it will just piss people off for a while.

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