“She witnessed three teenagers with a small barreled gun shoot into my kitchen towards the crowd”

“Dear PoPville,

I had some friends over this past Saturday night and we were congregating in the kitchen around midnight, which is a pretty small space and gets warm when many people are packed in. I decided to open the door to let some air in. As I was standing just inside my kitchen from the open door talking with a friend, I felt a sharp sting and what sounded like fire crackers. I was unsure what happened and immediately shut the door, and was then told I was bleeding from my neck. Another friend standing nearby also said he felt a sharp pain on his neck. We deduced we were likely shot with a beebie gun, and ran out of the house to (stupidly) chase after the suspects.

A neighbor indicated she had just walked outside at the same time to let her dog out and saw the whole thing unfold. She witnessed three teenagers with a small barreled gun shoot into my kitchen towards the crowd. We ran out towards 5th Street NW and were asking people nearby if they saw anyone with no luck. When I returned to my house other friends had found the beebies. They were rather large, and if I were struck in the eye who knows what would have happened. I have filed a police report, but wanted to pass this along so others are aware. I live at 5th and Florida Avenue NW.

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  • I can’t believe that they shot you and your friend in the neck. What a pack of psychos. I’m glad you guys are OK and hope that they catch these little scumbags before they seriously hurt someone.

  • What the F is this, the wild west? I’m so sorry that this happened to you.

  • Wow, glad you are ok. Seriously, we need rudy Giuliani to come out of retirement and help us out down here.

    • No, we most certainly do not.

      • Sure we do. Stop and frisk and “broken windows” did wonders to clean up manhattan. Talk to people who lived there before, it was like dc. We could use some of that here.

        • It’s also possible that crime was already heavily on the decline and that Giuliani’s methods had little to nothing to do with NYC becoming safer.

        • Access to abortion/contraception, elimination of leaded paint & gasoline, and widespread use of mandatory minimum sentencing had a greater effect than Bratton and Guiliani.

          • No kidding, Anonymous @ 2:45. Fewer unwanted kids=fewer criminals. I just hate the mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent crimes.

        • Crime was on the decline before either of those policies. Most criminologist discount those theories almost totally because declines in crime happened in all major cities during those times, whether they used these practices or not. Maybe it makes you feel better to see random people bullied but it doesn’t stop crime.

        • http://home.uchicago.edu/~ludwigj/papers/Broken_windows_2006.pdf

          That paper found that increased police spending and focusing on trouble-areas reduces serious crimes. Focusing on minor crimes (broken windows theory) was not found to effect a noticeable reduction in serious crimes.

          • Thanks for the link. I just finished reading the article. I think it is flawed because: 1) there is no empirical basis for the authors’ mean reversion theory; it is simply assumed, 2) the voucher trial is not a reasonable proxy for a broken windows policing policy, and 3) the authors fail to study the different indirect benefits of broken windows policing, for example the acceleration of economic development of a neighborhood due to productive law abiding citizens being more comfortable moving in.

        • Stop and frisk mostly just violated the Constitutional protection against unreasonable search and seizure of people of color. Most fair-minded people consider it racial profiling and an outrage.

          • I don’t know if I would say most fair-minded people consider it an outrage.

          • “I don’t know if I would say most fair-minded people consider it an outrage.”

            -You are right. Most “fair-minded” people who are of a color and class that makes it highly unlikely they will ever be stopped and frisked don’t consider it to be an outrage, because it’s not happening to and probably never will happen to them.

        • The decline seemed to be in line with a lot of cities that did not follow the same rules.

    • Just wanted to say that as a cop who worked in NYC for a time, that we didn’t like him either. He was a great Mayor in September of 2001 but that doesn’t redeem the previous 7 years.

  • Thank you for sharing. We’re a block away and obviously pass through there all the time. Sorry that happened to you, and I hope these criminals are caught.

  • When I stop to think about how fundamentally broken a person has to be do something like this, it’s really troubling. I honestly don’t know that you can fix someone that broken.

  • I’m going to guess these are the same bunch of boys who hang our around Warner who were throwing rocks at the outdoor patrons at Beau Thai last spring. Nice crowd.

  • Could’ve been worse. Your water could’ve been shut off for several hours.

  • I live a couple blocks away. The windows of my house and car have been shot with a BB Gun several times. The cops are fairly apathetic when we report the crimes. When someone was finally arrested with a BB gun after our car had been damage a second or third time, the police said there was no way to press charges because we could prove the BB gun he had was used on our car.

    • I can understand why the cops seem that way. Unlike a real gun they can’t match the gun used with a gun in someone’s possession. That case would get tossed out so fast that there would be no point in trying to press charges. The best thing that could happen is that the kids get caught on tape without a mask. Even then I would hope that they only get a ton of community service working on fixing houses or maybe in a hospital fixing the type of damage that they caused.

      • Yeah…after your car window is shot out and two of the windows to your house and hundreds of other dollars spent on repairing the shots to the body of your car…then let’s see if you suggestion is community service. thanks though.

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