Add 7-Eleven and Wells Fargo Bank to Dunkin Donuts as the new Retail coming to Park Place in Petworth

3700 block of Georgia Ave, NW

The tale of the Park Place blue tape continues – thanks to a reader for sending the update:


“I came home to ParkPlace in Petworth tonight to pieces of tape on the retail stores with names of businesses on them. It looks like Dunkin Donuts, 7-Eleven, and Wells Fargo are moving in.”

Wait – we waited how long for this?!?! Jeez – it’s not like there are approximately 8,000 bodega/corner/convenience stores in a four a block radius from here – not to mention there is an actual 7-Eleven just up the block – oof I guess a bank is good. Or is someone just writing names on blue tape and having a serious laugh – no if that were the case they’d have written TGIFriday’s…

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  • Super disappointed about the 7-11….

    From the most recent announcements, am I correct to assume that it was the co-owner who wanted to lease only to chain businesses that ended up buying out the other co-owner?

  • There’s a 7-11 at the shell station three block north and another one coming four blocks west. Have we not reached peak slurpee yet? Hooray for more chicken bones!

    Also, when is Capital One going to put ANYTHING besides Metro ATMs in Columbia Heights or Petworth? I’d really like an actual branch location somewhere nearby.

    • Capital One has been shutting down stores throughout the region and they are trying to get rid of a lot of their real estate as well.

      • I’ve noticed this as well. They also used to have ATMs in Harris Teeters but those too disappeared. I wonder what’s going on? Seems like they should be able to afford some ATMs around the city – what gives?

        • There was still an ATM in the Adams Morgan Harris Teeter a couple days ago.

        • Capital One Bank’s business model is acquisition and consolidation. They bought Chevy Chase Bank and set about cleaning out inefficiencies, to no one’s surprise. Bank consolidation results in less brick and mortar, not more.

      • Weird. They are building new locations like crazy in NYC. Including some very strange suburban style branches in places that shouldn’t have them. They seem to be in a race with TD bank to open new locations monthly. I know that Citibank is unfortunately cutting back their store footprint but based on CapitalOne’s growth around here, I’m surprised to read that. Perhaps it’s an economic issue as DC has not fully recovered?

  • Sigh. Not thrilled about the DD but I’ll certainly take the convenient coffee option… but super bummed about 7-11. I was praying for a dry-cleaner, though I’m sure the rent is way too high for that to be sustainable….

  • Oh lord. Junk food, junk food, and a place of business that’s open for like 3 hours a day. It might as well still be vacant.

  • This is so very disappointing.

  • Please let this be a prank!!!

  • The whole block on this and the other side flat out suck, except for the clothing store on the east side that has friendly owners always chatting with passerbys on the sidewalk. It’s a shame it doesn’t link better with the great places to the North (Chez Billy, Upshur) and to the South (DC Reynolds, Fish in the Hood, Looking Glass, etc.)

  • Good luck neighbors…come on down to the Columbia Heights 7-11 if you want a taste of your future. It’s grand!

  • For comparison sake, what is the commercial rent at ParkPlace? Is it prohibitively expensive so only national chains can afford it?

  • I wish it was in the contract that 7-11 would hourly pick up all the red single-pizza boxes that line the sidewalks. It’s a mess in front of the 7-11 a couple blocks away from this location. Poor planning.

  • Looks like Petworth is following in Columbia Height’s footsteps! Chains for all!

  • As I was saying on one of the other threads about recent developments in Park Place: The only possible benefit I can see from a 7-Eleven is if it resulted in some of the numerous plexiglass bodegas closing (like the THREE across from the CVS on Georgia, or the one across the street from Park Place).

  • Extremely disappointed about the 7-11. This whole development has been a waste since the beginning. I can live with the DD, but ANOTHER crappy, bodega-style 7-11? The neighborhood has seen places like Chez Billy, Crane & Turtle and Domku thrive. Why do we need more below standard junk food places? The folks I talk to desire a bakery, deli, casual family restaraunt or ice cream shoppe. We have enough bodegas and corner stores. FAIL.

    • Aww…poor little gentrifier didn’t get what he or she wants for like the third time since 2007. How awful. I’m sorry.

    • p.s. Anon 12:08 here again – I basically agree with the sentiment, but recognize that my buddies and I have been plundering the neighborhood non-stop for the better part of a decade now, so we kinda sorta had it coming. In otherwords, yeah, it sucks, but man up and deal with it.

  • Good god no!!!!!!! Another 7-11? Across from a CVS? Down the street from another 7-11 and countless other dumpy bodegas? One block from Safeway? What a crock. All we need is a nail salon and we have successfully integrated this block into the already crappy offerings on Georgia Avenue (a few exceptions included). Seriously – we waited for several years for this ?! I can’t wait to see the morning rush across the street fueled with more slurpees, doritos, honey buns and iced tea cans. I lived near the CH 7-11 and it is a daily shit show.

  • Wait, I have blue tape. Can I put up a piece of blue tape over the blue tape that says 7-11?

  • Yeah, I seriously don’t understand another 7-11 (especially with one going in at 14 and Quincy)

    Weirdly, I’m ok w/ DD –good coffee and a good alternative to Qualia.

  • No, but the loitering and fights coming to the 7-11 may affect our home values…

    • Somehow I doubt that.

      • I wouldn’t buy anywhere near the 7-11 in Columbia Heights, so while it may not ultimately affect value, it very well may affect interest.

        • Your interest is not the same as overall interest. I wouldn’t buy anywhere near the 7-11 in Columbia Heights either, but last I checked those places were being bought by someone.

        • I think we’re in violent agreement.

    • I don’t think it’ll make home values go down, but I don’t think it’ll have a positive effect the way it would’ve if nicer establishments were moving into Park Place.

  • *place
    same same

  • 7-11? Great! Now I won’t have to travel when I need to hire a day laborer!

  • I was hoping for a wig shop and a place to buy tires.

    • Just 3 blocks down, Million Man Tires at 3441 Georgia is your place if you need some rubber!

      • Seriously, that place is great. Low overhead means cheap tires. Just 2 blocks from home–ride that rim all the way to the tire shop.

    • I had a bizarre dream not long ago in which I was trying on the wigs that are on display at Georgia Beauty Supply.

  • epric002

    ugh. i can’t believe THESE were tenants they waited so long for.

  • Thanks to the new owners for their forward thinking in making sure the prime loitering space out there is utilized. Great job guys!

    • It’s ingenious, open up as many 7-11’s as possible, this way you spread the loitering out. Only having one 7-11 means a huge group, now there will be 3, so it’ll be spread out evenly….and yes this is sarcastic.

  • I’m sure the lovely new owners of Park Place have contracted someone to help curb the open defecation and trash that will surely litter this area now.

    Who are the owners btw? I would like to write them, though I know it will not change anything.

  • I don’t get adding another “corner store” to the mix, but at this point a 7-11 is better than nothing. It’s been interesting to hear the wish lists for this property but let’s face it, most of the stuff people have been pushing for was not likely to end up in this space.
    I’m psyched for a Dunkin’ Donuts and a bank will be a great addition.

    • So wrong. I longed, nay. YEARNED for a chatty vegan owned fair trade baby clothing store bicycle repair chai/exotic cheese shoppe that tended to my every whim and fancy. FAIL +100

  • I was disappointed too, but upscale places like Shake Shack were never coming to this space. The neighborhood is not nice enough yet. And I imagine a Dunkin Donuts will do good business and is better than some new business that may fail and leave us with an empty storefront again.
    I think people think the neighborhood is better than it really is. And while I don’t want another 7-11 there. Barracks Row has a 7-11 and a Dunkin Donuts. Front and Center. I imagine they were there to anchor the neighborhood at the beginning of the transformation and continue to do good business.
    And I imagine that most people commenting on this would LOVE for this area to become like Barracks Row.

    • I thought CVS and Safeway were pretty adequate anchors. It didn’t deter the Hilton Brothers from investing in Chez Billy. It would seem the real issue is the developer’s desire to have national chains. Even so, I find 7-11 to be truly baffling, given the proximity to the one at Georgia and Shepherd.

      • National chains = low risk, guaranteed, easy-to-project revenue streams. Unfortunately, locally owned small businesses are volatile and fail more often than they succeed.

  • Maybe if we actually had some economic development leadership in the area it would help ensure community input into what types of businesses move in… Has anyone from Bowser’s office even been working this deal? Have they reached out to the ANC? It seems to me that the last things the community wanted was another 7-11 that is two blocks for the other one!

  • I do think the dry cleaner idea has always had some serious profit potential, being directly above the metro. Yes, there’s something one block north, but for people who are getting on/off metro from any other direction, the ability to have a place directly on your way to/from work seemed priceless. Could also easily work a dropoff/pickup arrangement with Park Place…hmm, wait, why didn’t I just do this?

  • Everyone wants something for nothing.
    Despite the record shattering SFH prices, most of Petworth is still pretty poor. Combine that with high rents in this place and you get only low cost national chains moving in here.

  • Not a huge fan of 7-11 but DC has so few convenience stores. I’m always reminded when I’m down there how hard it is to find incidentals. I end up at CVS which is such a terrible experience and overpriced and because of their size their are just not enough of them. Neighborhood corner stores, delis and bodegas are practically non-existent and dollar stores seem to be no where at all. 7-11 has some really small footprint stores so at least that’s a step in the right direction. Those times where you just need a pair of socks after the gym or grab an umbrella during a surprise rainstorm are so much more difficult in DC.

  • Hip Hop Chicken has also been confirmed. Native Petworthers are excited for a much needed 7-11 and hip hop chicken. My sister got so excited over Dunkin donuts, we plan on eating breakfast there everyday. Then hitting up hip hop for lunch. We will eat on the sidewalk if there’s no seating inside. I’m glad Petworth will not lose its original character. I hope 7-11 will carry beer.

  • The 7-11 will doubtless put the small bodegas in surrounding blocks out of business, so perhaps the disappointed people can watch those store fronts.

    • I wish that were the case, but the CVS that opened up by the Metro in 2010 is coexisting directly across the street from THREE bodegas/mini-marts.

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