Qualia Coffee Pop-Up to Support DC Central Kitchen at the Dupont Farmers Market Sunday

From a press release:

“Qualia Coffee is proud to announce our participation in the first FRESHFARM Market Thanksgiving Food Drive Coffee Fundraiser, this Sunday, November 2nd. We will be bringing our locally roasted coffee beans and cold brew to the market as well as brewing hot coffee on site. Twenty-five percent of proceeds will be donated to the FRESHFARM Markets Thanksgiving Food Drive to benefit DC Central Kitchen, an organization that serves 5,000 nutritious means to low income local residents every day.

Established in 2009, Qualia Coffee is a full service coffee shop that serves as the home of the local roastery Fresh Off the Roast. Founded on the principle of treating roasted coffee like fresh produce, the roasting label features a wide selection of single-origin beans that highlight the natural diversity of flavors that coffee can exhibit. As a retail-only roaster, we are able to ensure all of our coffee is sold within three days. You will never find Fresh Off the Roast beans on store shelves, which is why our small-batch, artisan approach to coffee roasting is a natural fit for your neighborhood farm market.

Along with several Fair-Trade and Organic certified coffees, we will be featuring offerings from some of our direct-trade partners, such as Gold Mountain Coffee Growers (Nicaragua) and Redeeming Grounds (Colombia). Owner and head roaster, Joel Finkelstein, will also be on hand to answer questions about each of the single-origin offerings as well as any questions attendees may have about growing, roasting and brewing coffee.

So come out to support a great cause this Sunday at the Dupont Circle Farm Market, 9am until 2pm.

What: Coffee Pop-Up
When: Sunday, November 2, 2014, 9AM until 2PM
Where: Dupont Circle Farmers Market
Why: To support FRESHFARM Market Thanksgiving Food Drive and, of course, good coffee

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    So this is the FRESHFARM Markets backing away from their longtime and idiotic stance against allowing coffee vendors at their farmers markets.

    Bunch of money grubbing frauds.

    • Boo, I have been waiting on them to let Qualia come to the DFM forever, and when it finally does I’m not reading PoP that day. I think Joel said that Fresh Farms only wants to sell locally grown stuff there and his beans are from all over the world. Unless there are locally grown coffee options which would be excluded by allowing Qualia to be a vendor, the ban seems pretty dumb.

  • Yes, the ‘ban’ would in practice exclude all coffee (chocolate, etc.). But ‘in practice’ FreshFarms doesn’t itself always follow it’s own rules when it sees that it can make an extra buck or many.

    Honestly, are the bakers at their many markets using flour from a local grist mill or locally produced butter or locally sourced honey, eggs, sugar, salt, etc.? If so, your croissant would cost you AT LEAST twice what you’re already paying.

    • That’s the thing i don’t get-FFM are leaving lots of money on the table by not allowing Qualia as a vendor. Qualia’s table at the Columbia Heights farmer’s market always sells out of beans pretty early. And since the crowd at Dupont FM is so huge and fresh brewed coffee is a natural fit for a morning market, Qualia would certainly do even bigger business at DFM.

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