Port of Piraeus Cafe Closes on 13th Street by the old Franklin School

1225 I St, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending:

“Sad news–Port of PIraeus closed their 21st Street location last December and now the one at 13th & I is closed as well. This was my favorite lunch spot! I’m surprised because they seemed to do a pretty darn good business.”

Were there any other fans? Updates when we learn who takes over the space.

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  • This is devastating. I am devastated.

  • Did the food trucks hurt them? They were right across the street from the thriving Franklin Square food truck scene.

  • So disappointed! I work nearby and went for lunch probably once a month – always seemed to be people in there. Too bad. I’ll miss their awesome sandwiches.

  • I’m still devastated by their departure from 21st and L. Completely puzzled. The place always had a crowd. Wonder why they’re moving to the catering business. Would love it if they resurfaced elsewhere.

  • As sith his other location, it wasn’t for lack of business. The owner has been doing a brisk business, but apparently there have been some financial shenanigans (embezzlement and withholding employee FICA withholdings from the Feds). It was like last year sometime, he knew the gig was up as he just stopped paying the lease for the 21st SG location ( landlord evicted him). Weird for such a successful business to act like this.

  • As a close personal friend of the doyles it upsets me to hear the above negative comments. I don’t understand who Frankie would embezzle since he had no partners. as far as withholding money from the government why would he closed his business He would need to work to pay them back.

  • Just went to meet a friend here for lunch – or so I thought. I used to work near the one that closed last December years back and loved the spot. They also had a little hall closet like office space that sold a little bit of food in my office building back then. So sad:(

  • Frank and staff, I am sorry to hear this…………….we shared space at 21st street location!

  • This is sad news. What Frank told me about the 21st st location was that the landlord wanted to double his rent, and with his margins he couldn’t take it. (You can’t double the price is sandwiches and salads and expect to keep business.) Given what’s gone on in the immediate neighborhood, not to mention the city generally, I believe him. Mom and pops on the same block have been replaced by Starbucks and Panera. This is what landlords want these days. Squeezed between greedy landlords and food trucks with no overhead, independent restaurants in downtown DC are an endangered species.

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