Port of Piraeus Closes Downtown 21st Street Location

by Prince Of Petworth December 11, 2013 at 4:30 pm 9 Comments

1155 21 Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

What Happened to Port of Piraeus on 21st Street NW? Late last month they seem to have just disappeared. Their Facebook page is very vague about why they closed. Any ideas?”

On their facebook page they responded to a query about the closing:

“Thank you Delores, we miss you too! Please visit us at our other location at 13 and I streets, or on the web at www.portofp.com for catering.”

Anyone hear why they closed?

  • Anonymous

    This place shut two weeks ago.

    Business was off at this location and the owner is focusing on his other store downtown.

    • Anonymous

      Business was off due to the shutdown and they were in a building with lots of government employees. I bet the rent was probably too high as well.

  • Hilltopper

    I don’t know why, but am very bummed. Their food was great! There always seemed to be a good sized-crowd anytime I was there.

  • ledroittiger

    RIP Kolonaki salad

  • Anonymous

    I hate that they closed! Port of Piraeus was literally in the building I work in. The folks that worked there were always so nice and the food was great. Was always a great option when I was too busy to get out for lunch, or if the weather was not conducive to leaving the office.

    There was no advance warning of their closure – just a sign that appeared one day that read “we are closed after 20(ish?) years of business at this location” (or something along those lines). The chatter around the office was that the rent was simply too high, but who knows. They shall be missed!

    • Anonymous

      Rent was a huge factor. Business had been dwindling in recent years – not just the shutdown, but also increased competition in that part of town – and the owner couldn’t justify the lofty rent.

      25 years ago, when he opened in that spot, he was one of the few places to get a good lunch/catering in that area. Way more choices now. Dropoff in catering hurt too.

  • 21st Street

    His landlord kicked him out because he was 8 months behind on rent, and lets stop with the “rent was too high” canard. He was 4 years into his 10 year renewal, meaning he renegotiated his lease in the pit of the recession in 2009. His rent was below market.

    And as someone who walked by that place daily, and ate there a couple times a week, the place was generally packed at lunch and did a booming takeout-delivery business. If there was anything wrong with the owners finances, it wasn’t caused by his landlord.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed! this is what i heard too!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, that brings me back a few years. I remember working at Clinton/Gore ’96 HQ in the building across the street.


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